Unlocking Your Path: Explore the Wisdom Within with Intuitive Readings


Are you ready to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and purpose?
Join me and explore the transformative world of intuitive readings, where the focus is not on the woo-woo or casual fun but on finding authentic answers within yourself.

Gone are the days of one sided, tell me what to do reading. 

I am Veronica Drake, Master Intuitive. I believe Intuitive readings show include these three pillars; a bit self awareness, a touch of creativity and some laughter. Keeping the energy light will allow guidance to flow more easily.  

This co-creative process is part intuitive guidance, part coaching and part BFF conversation, I am the conduit, you are the source of creativity and your guides are the informers. This unique blend of energies offers you the freedom to talk with your guides, develop your own intuition and feel validated by my  18+ years as a professional intuitive. 


My Promise to You

I will help you stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You will walk away confidently with a plan in hand. 

This is the most comprehensive intuitive session for validating, creating, and building your business and your life on.

Intuitive Sessions are not only the guidance you’re seeking but the direct steps and how-to’s to make transition simple and fun. 


“Grounding & Reassuring! I recently had a reading with Veronica and it was so comforting to connect with her. She is very down to earth and I feel like she answered all of my questions in an honest and positive manner. She also provided guidance for my own spiritual journey, encouraged me to follow my own path, and most importantly to remember to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I also loved how she connected me with my Starseed family, past loved ones, and grandfather! Great reading, I highly recommend her for a session!”

Chelsea G

Discover Your Full Potential…

Immerse yourself in fifty minutes of undivided attention aimed at you.

Receive answers to your burning questions.

Unlock the possibilities that surround you.

Embrace new beliefs ready to uplift and support you.

Learn the art of tuning into your inner wisdom.

Experience pure intuitive guidance harmonized with your creativity.

Consider me your visionary ally. I see what you may not, and together, we breathe life into it.


Refund policy: There are no refunds once service is provided. 

All refunds prior to service being provided will be subject to small processing fee.

Please read Private Reading FAQs and TERMS at bottom of page before scheduling.

“Absolutely Amazing Once again Vee has nailed it! 60 minutes of pure 🎯! She is beyond helpful in answering the why, how, and understanding the steps. We have hired Vee for the last few years every 6 months for counsel. We are so grateful to have her on our side. Please know that she is full of knowledge and passion for her career. If you need clarity and help understanding when several options, paths, or messages are in front of you, give her a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Yet everything to gain!”

Jennifer and Hans