Merge your intuition and intellect for creative out-of-the-box solutions to grow your business in a holistic, natural way. The Intuitive Incubator.

The Intuitive Incubator

Second Tuesday of every month
10 – 11 am EDT
Free to Join

Discover how to deepen relationships and increase your income while being naturally who you are!  

The time has come to create a business that connects deeply to your intuition so potential clients can feel who you are and fall in love with you.

If you are…

A drama free business women who is 50+ and been in business for 3+ years 

A lil bit woo

You’re curious

The box ain’t for you! 

You’re open to seeing your business growth through the eyes of an 8 y/o. 

You want a non-woo-woo tribe where you can test and birth ideas/ solutions. 

You are NOT an excuse-maker. In fact, excuses excite you! You view them as opportunities.  

You’re willing to have FUN and be silly. 

You don’t mind an F-bomb or two 

Coffee ☕️ is your jam. OK… I’ll let you bring tea if you must. 

You’re willing to show up and actively participate once a month for one hour.

If you are nodding your head, yes, keep reading, my midlife maverick. You belong here! 

Are you a service-based woman business owner who is 50+…

has an established business, and you want more visibility, income, and fun, and you’re willing to pause all the rules 

…then you are in the right place. I am so thrilled you found the Intuitive Incubator!

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You’ve been in business for a while, it’s not just a hobby for you.

You’ve done the networking thing. Had the virtual coffee dates.

You are spiritually curious.

You take action. Grass doesn’t grow under your feet.

No playing the blame game for you.

You are ready to fully embrace your creativity.

You have invested in your personal and professional development consistently

You have a strong desire to understand intuition even more and how it can help grow your business.

You are a smart savvy woman and you know the power of relationships and you know it all starts with deepening the one with yourself. Getting comfortable with your inner knowing. Letting it guide the way.

I’m pretty sure:

You show up everyday ready to do what it takes.

You love what you do – but have a sense there’s more waiting for you.

You’ve tried all the freebies and gurus offers on social media and are more confused. 

You get the importance of a holistic approach to business – uniting intellect with intuition creates the big picture.

You have a mission to share and lives to impact! 



Ready to connect your spiritual life with your business life and grow your business in a way that feels natural and that people feel comfortable with? 

You‘ve gotten to this stage in life and business by showing up and being willing to color outside the lines. 

You’ve done the classes and courses. Shown up at the networking events. Made contacts. Hired the coaches. Created the spreadsheets and Google Docs.

And now you realize it’s time to go deeper!

It’s time for the Intuitive Incubator. Take a playful pause and join a tribe of like-minded women who got your back. 

In the Intuitive Incubator we help you birth your ideas, clarify your mission, develop your intuition and align with your naturalness all to help you get more clients, make more sales and live more simply.