Reinventing your business may be necessary from time to time. Maybe the market has changed, or maybe it’s you. I’ve flipped my own script, so I relate to any feelings of uncertainty you might be having.

I built a successful business as a spiritual intuitive and helped a lot of people. But in 2023, I felt pulled to serve a different audience. I noticed so many of my fellow entrepreneurs suffering from self-doubt that crippled their ability to realize their goals. These smart, talented women had everything it took to be successful, but they were still struggling. So, I blew it all up and started a business that teaches them the tools they need to trust their gut. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Reinventing Your Business: Embracing Your New Chapter

I know how daunting it can feel to think about shaking up your business, especially after years of building it with your hard work and dedication. But the ability to reimagine your business is also a chance to infuse a lifetime of wisdom and intuition into your work.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Imagine standing at a crossroads, where one path is the well-trodden route you know by heart, and the other is unmarked but irresistibly intriguing. That’s the time to listen to that soft voice inside you whispering exciting possibilities. Intuition is not some woo-woo concept for hippies. It’s a pattern recognition machine tapping into a collection of life experiences to help you see what’s right for you and your business.

Make Time to Reflect Regularly: Set aside a regular time each week for quiet reflection about your business. Maybe it’s a walk during lunch or sitting with your eyes closed at your desk for 15 minutes. Use this time to listen to your inner voice and check that your decisions are in alignment with your new vision.

Leading with Your Heart

If you’re driving the transformation, you’ll need to be brave and vulnerable as you share what’s changing with your team. Being honest helps people embrace the change because everyone feels valued and invested in the future.

Host a Vision Alignment Workshop: Organize a workshop with your team where everyone shares their vision for the company’s future. This encourages the curiosity and collaboration needed to embrace the business’s new direction.

Your Thriving, Intuitive Future

If you want to maintain this new momentum, you’ve got to nurture your intuition. Business is like a river—always moving, sometimes unpredictably so. Committing to practices that connect you with your inner self ensures that your business decisions stay aligned with your true vision.

So, my dear, as you think about reinventing your business, remember that it’s more than just a strategy. It’s a personal journey that taps into the deepest parts of who you are. Trust that intuition of yours—it’s got wisdom, foresight, and a whole lot of heart.

Let’s embrace this journey together, with eyes wide open and hearts full of courage, ready to thrive in this exciting new chapter of your life.


Veronica Drake

Veronica Drake

Intuitive Business Coach

I’m Veronica Drake, your guide to mastering instinct in business. I empower midlife women entrepreneurs to overcome overwhelm, stagnant growth, and decision-making anxiety. Together, we’ll transform you into a confident, intuitive leader, navigating from feeling spread thin to making strategic decisions with clarity. This journey is more than coaching; it’s a deep, visceral experience. It’s about embracing your raw intuitive power and emerging as a leader who thrives amid business complexities. Ready for growth, innovation, and mastery in leadership? Let’s embrace this transformative journey, redefining success and joy in your professional and personal life.