Intuitive Guidance Sessions FAQs

Helloooooo Beautiful!

I am Veronica, but please call me Vee, all my friends do. I am so happy you were guided here! I hope you will consider me a mentor and a friend as I support you on your journey to living a Divinely Unscripted life using your intuition!

I live life every day relying on my intuition, and I have experienced the freeing feelings that come with it. No drama, no anxiety, and no worry! Second-guessing myself is a thing of the past!

I was born to teach and I couldn’t think of a more powerful topic to teach than intuition. When it comes to living an empowered life, trusting your own inner voice is key!

You will soon see I add the element of creativity to the journey. I believe that expressing creativity is an awesome way to calm your racing mind and open your intuition. Not to mention, I love having FUN!

Let’s get this journey started!


The Intuitive Guidance FAQs

What happens during a one on one session?

All sessions begin with discussing your specific needs. We will begin with direct insight from spirit guides before exploring your needs directly and answering your questions. My sessions are very conversational and informal. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your guides as well. Spirit guides are very involved in the direction of the session.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on what you are wanting to achieve. Most people who are looking for general guidance are able to find answers during one session. For others who are seeking to discover their soul purpose they may check in more frequently. Together we will decide the best course for you and your specific needs. We suggest that you book a follow up session if you are feeling like you need more clarity or want more direction.

How are sessions conducted?

All sessions are by phone or Zoom (audio only).

Are spirit guides ever resistant to showing up?

There may be an occasion here spirit guides decide there might be a better time for a session. This usually occurs when there are potential blocks that may prevent you from receiving information. If this is the case we will reschedule you in a few weeks and try again. In the event that spirit guides decide we are not a good fit for each other you will be fully refunded. This is a VERY rare occurrence and should not be taken personally as its all in the highest and greatest good for all.

Is there anything to be afraid of?

My spirit guides are wise and compassionate. They’ll never tell you anything that’s not in your highest interest to know.

Are there questions that cannot be answered??

 Spirit guides always have answers; however, they must respect other people’s right to privacy and may decide not to answer.

Sometimes, they avoid discussions involving third parties because it has no relevance to your soul’s purpose.

Some questions cannot be answered directly in detail because you have free will and it makes it impossible to nail a direct answer. If this is the case spirit guides will offer you a great deal of observation to help point you in the highest direction. I am NOT a fortune teller, detective, counselor, doctor or legal advisor. I specialize in helping people discover their soul’s purpose and live it to the fullest.

Spirit guides offer direction, insight, and suggestions in a loving, caring way. They will NEVER tell you what to do.

Who are you connecting to during my session?

I connect to both your spirit guides and mine. I sit before your sessions and discuss you with the team who will be supporting us at the time. During the session I will work with my guides who are communicating with your guides. I am the messenger.

How do I prepare for a session?

I highly encourage you to take notes if you are not recording. You will find it helpful to write out questions before our session to help go as deep as possible. During your session we will be working with spirit guides. I encourage you to take a few minutes before our session and relax so that you have a calm vibration. After your session take a few minutes to center yourself before resuming daily activity. Please be fully present during your session for the best connection.

Do your sessions cover past lives?

Yes, if the guides feel it’s beneficial.

Should I engage my own intuition while working with the guides?

I always encourage my clients to use their own intuition in coordination with the guides. If you are receiving conflicting advice ask the guides for clarity. Spirit guides are simply that, GUIDES. Their role is to guide you not to tell you what to do. They will never impose on free will. You always have final say.

How can I contact your office?

Our clients are all over the world and time zones vary. We have custom service hours on EST time (M-F 10am-5pm). You can reach us at

Can I record our session?