Who-Am-I-banner-words Times are constantly evolving. Today we find ourselves living in the age of the Psyche and the Spirit. In order to live a deeper, more awake life the mind and Soul must work in harmony! The time has come to expand the way we think about who we are at a very fundamental level. This includes moving beyond our five senses and getting to the core of our very existence… our intuitive Self… the God within.

Find the PEACE in all the PIECES of your life!

You are made up of many pieces of energy and all of them matter equally when it comes to being you. Most likely as a child you were taught to hide pieces of yourself that others might consider unacceptable. You learned to be ashamed, and probably cut ties with pieces of yourself. As a result you are wandering around fully grown and feeling confused by life unable to maintain status quo any longer.

Arofreewill-spaceund age 40-ish the cut off pieces inside of you start to stir. They want acknowledgement.. they are looking for release… they long to be exposed to the world.

This stirring has physical symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • Confusion
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety and so on!

The only way to push through these stirrings is to confront them head on. Break down the walls you built to keep them up. Free them! The way to do this is develop and TRUST your own intuition! Reclaim what was given to you upon creation. DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE.

Your Soul Work

You have life assignments that are programmed within your psyche and soul. These assignments are carried out by all part of you… your archetypal energy. Archetypes are universal patterns of energy that you have been using all of your life to organize your thoughts and emotions, as well as the means through which you assess every person you meet.

  • Have you ever asked yourself the question “why was I born?” At some point we have all asked that question.
  • Ever wondered if your life events are random, or are they pre-written somewhere?
  • Are you curious about why certain people find their way into your life and not others. Do you wonder why you choose the things you do?
  • What if I told that each of these questions hold the potential to change your life forever… the very direction and quality of your life?
  • What if you understood that NO CHOICE big or small is insignificant?
  • What if you knew that EVERYTHING is interconnected..EVERYTHING!?
  • What if you had a way to discern the difference between what was written into your Soul Contract vs. what your ego has in store for you?

Its time to connect your MIND and your SOUL and move yourself into a deeper level of consciousness.

discovering who you are


Discovering Who You Are is a series designed to help you embrace the fact that you are more than just your five sense. You are a very important part of the whole. Living life while honoring your Soul contract enables you to make choices intuitively and accurately every time. [column-group][column]

  • Clearly define what a Sacred Contract is
  • Define archetypes and give you guidelines to identify your own
  • Assemble your archetypal patterns on your chart of origin[/column]


  • Understand how to use the energy of the astrological signs in your life
  • Develop and work with your intuitive ability
  • Explore life using the energy of your chakra system[/column][/column-group]

Let Veronica take you on a journey into the pieces that make up your life

“She reveals things in your being that are powerful to your path.

Ronnie has a wonderful, sweet and feminine energy that guides you easily into yourself … She reveals things in your being that are powerful to your path. I was very excited to have learned some things I was not allowing myself to know … Ronnie is gifted.”

Mariel Hemingway

Actress, Author

“She will move you, provoke you, and empower you.

Veronica Drake is the real deal! She is taking the radio world by storm with her incredible depth of spiritual knowledge, mixed with her genuine compassion for all human beings. Warm, transparent, and sassy, Veronica is an emerging star in the mind-body-spirit sector of personal growth information. She will move you, provoke you, and empower you … leaving you with a feeling of wanting to be in her presence even more!”

Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D

Founder of Mind of the Leader


This is a series of 3 one on one classes done via the phone or in person.

Each session is an hour long.

The investment for all 3 sessions plus materials is $197

You are encouraged to bring along your own notebook and pen! You will want to take notes!

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