Lets explore the God of your understanding

Hey Girl.. Welcome!

You are a God loving woman who just knows there is more. You know He created you with meaning and Purpose. You are ready to close the door to all the outside chatter and go deep into your Soul for answers.

Is this you?

  • Are you ready to discover Gods plan for your life?
  • Do you struggle with traditional religion?
  • Are you a natural born seeker?
  • Do you just know there is MORE?
  • Would you like clear direction?

 Spiritual Mentoring Session Can Help. Veronica can help.

“God is whispering in your heart, in the whole existence, just tune your ears.”  Amit Ray

Spiritual mentoring sessions are for the woman who wants to increase her spiritual awareness.. her connection to God… she wants to go deeper into her Soul.

The sessions begin with prayer followed by a heart driven conversation about anything that arises inside of you. I am simply here to hold a space and offer you sacred  listening.

The initial session is followed by 3 – 90 minute sessions. These sessions also begin with prayer, and included guided visualizations and meditations to help you go deeper into your soul, and find Gods true purpose for your life.


Over the course of your work with Veronica you will be keeping a soul journal to help you develop a solid connection Gods Word  You will keep track of weekly progress and writing down questions that you and Veronica will address at your next session. This is a sure fire process to bring about more confidence, clarity, stronger intuition and more love.

At the end of the month, together, you and Veronica will evaluate your progress and determine if you achieved your goal or more development is needed.

It is never Veronica’s intention to create dependency.  The goal is for you to achieve your spiritual independence and rely solely on His Word!

Veronica’s intention is to gently guide you to your own unique spiritual path using very simple, practical, easy to understand and apply guidance and tools.



Lets Re-Cap What You'll Experience

  • 4 – 90 minute sessions with Veronica
  • Weekly meditation and prayer
  • Weekly exercises to help you along
  • Bonus audios to help you deepen your connection to God

The pure benefit is…

A stronger more confident woman who has a deeper understanding of the world and her place in it!



For your one on one spiritual mentoring sessions

All sessions are 90 minutes in length. You will be required to come with homework finished and questions ready.

The first 90 minute session is $225 paid before the session date. Once you pay you will receive an email to book your one on one time.

Each week thereafter, the session is $144 and must be paid before the session is booked. You will be invoiced the beginning of each week.

Pre-Pay and SAVE $497 for the month. You will be invoiced one time for the entire amount.

Small print stuff

Results vary. As with anything in life you get out of spiritual mentoring what you put in.

There is an order to the process. You must start with INITIAL SESSION and proceed to weekly. It is during the initial session that it is revealed to us what it is in your best interest to work on.

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