What is Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling helps the client realize they are more than their personalities and problems.  It is a way to unlock the SOUL Purpose for your life.

Spiritual Counseling puts the emphasis on wholeness…the whole person, and holding a space for the client to create an inner balance by integrating all aspects of mind..body..spirit.

A Spiritual Counseling session with Veronica involves intuitive guidance and past life exploration in a very conversational atmosphere.

A spiritual counseling session involves connecting your heart and soul with your inner wisdom. This is a guided journey into sacred places deep inside of you that will offer you a perspective that most people never find on their own.


Is Spiritual Counseling right for you?

Feeling like there is more to life but aren’t sure exactly what that is? Do you struggle to maintain a balanced life? Is your people pleaser in overdrive? Are you feeling like certain situation and people are sucking the life out of you? Are you searching for purpose and meaning?

All these are signs its time to align your heart and soul with your life purpose!

Spiritual Counseling with Veronica is NOT therapy.  Veronica is a metaphysical practitioner who supports clients to find their own way. She holds a safe space for the client to explore their deepest knowing.

What you can expect during your sessions

An Angel Assessment with Veronica is the starting point. Veronica communicates with your Angels to find a baseline of where to start the session. Together with Veronica you and your angels will determine the agenda for each session.

Also included…

  • A safe space to speak whatever is longing to be revealed
  • A guided intention to help chart the course for each session
  • A question and answer period to wrap up every session
  • Angelic guidance and wisdom to start off the  session

What you can expect

Learn how to:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Exploring your archetypes
  • Discovering your Soul Contracts
  • Revealing your natural gifts and abilities
  • Expanding your level of Intuitive ability
  • A deep and personal journey to your Higher Self


  • Greater clarity on why you are here
  • Deeper appreciation for all parts of who you are
  • Consistent Inner peace and calmness
  • Heightened level of intuitive knowing
  • A personalized Purposeful path map/outline
  • Natural self-confidence

Possible topics to cover

1. Self awareness.. recognizing the voice of your Soul
• Qualities of your soul
• Self examination
• Exploring the chaos in your soul

2. Humility.. releasing embarrassment
• The power of humility
• Understanding humility

3. Forgiveness.. The dungeon of unrest
• Guilt and shame
• Understanding the EGO

4. Conditioned beliefs…Monsters that live in the dark
• What is really under your bed and how can you get rid of it
• Do you actions match your words

5. Prayer… Reflective meditation
• Defining and exploring your commitment to the Divine

6. Surrender.. Living the phrase IT IS WHAT IT IS

7. Gratitude for ALL that is

Each individual session is $95.  Packages are available for those who want a longer-term commitment. Contact us for rates.

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