Feed your Soul

Soul 2 Soul Coaching is a co-creative process that involves Angel guidance, deep intuitive development work, and exercises in free will and choice. Feeding your Soul consistently with the these primary tools will lessen your stress and grow your confidence!

Coaching is an organic process and is not to be confused with therapy. Soul 2 Soul Coaching is when two Souls communicate with each other. The Coach opens the space using intuitive guidance and the Akashic records to gain an awareness of the clients Purpose for being.

My Soul 2 Soul coaching program helps women discover their life purpose and live it daily.  They start out feeling confused and feeling like there has to be more to this life.  Once they finish all the steps they will feel a deep spiritual sense of purpose and clarity on what matters most to them. They will also have an inspired action plan to keep them moving forward.


Is Soul 2 Soul Coaching right for you?

Everyone has a Soul. However, not everyone is ready to connect deeply with it. The ideal candidate for Soul 2 Soul Coaching is a woman who is between the ages of 40-55. She is working her way through transition, such as, divorce, empty nest syndrome, personal healing, or career evaluation.

It is very likely she is struggling to understand why she is here. She has a deep longing to find meaning for her life and wants to know her natural God given abilities. She is ready to move out of her comfort zone and understands she must become uncomfortable in order to grow.

What you can expect during your sessions

An Angel Assessment with Veronica is the starting point. During this 30 minute assessment Veronica communicates with your Angels to find a baseline of where to start the coaching. This assessment is included in your registration fee.

Also included…

  • A safe space to speak whatever is longing to be revealed
  • A guided intention to help chart the course for each session
  • Challenging exercises to bring your Soul into focus and cancel out your ego
  • A question and answer period to wrap up every session
  • Angelic guidance and wisdom to start off the  session
  • One follow up email between session
  • A 30 minute bonus session dedicated to outlining very specific goals for our time together

What you can expect

My Soul 2 Soul coaching program includes:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Exploring your archetypes
  • Discovering your Soul Contracts
  • Revealing your natural gifts and abilities
  • Expanding your level of Intuitive ability
  • A deep and personal journey to your Higher Self

Upon completion you will have:

  • Greater clarity on why you are here
  • Deeper appreciation for all parts of who you are
  • Consistent Inner peace and calmness
  • Heightened level of intuitive knowing
  • A personalized Purposeful path map/outline
  • Natural self confidence

The Program Outline

1. Self awareness.. recognizing the voice of your Soul
• Qualities of your soul
• Self examination
• Exploring the chaos in your soul

2. Humility.. releasing embarrassment
• The power of humility
• Understanding humility

3. Forgiveness.. The dungeon of unrest
• Guilt and shame
• Understanding the EGO

4. Conditioned beliefs…Monsters that live in the dark
• What is really under your bed and how can you get rid of it
• Do you actions match your words

5. Prayer… Reflective meditation
• Defining and exploring your commitment to the Divine

6. Surrender.. Living the phrase IT IS WHAT IT IS

7. Gratitude for ALL that is

Soul 2 Soul Coaching requires a minimum 3 month commitment.

  • 30 minute BONUS goal setting session to kick us off
  • Six one hour sessions (2 each month for 3 months)
  • All sessions are conducted via web conference and are recorded for future learning
  • Full access to a private Facebook group where I teach

Fill out the application to start the process!

You will be notified by email to schedule a 20 minute phone call to discuss your application.

*If you use GMAIL please check your spam folder for any response from Veronica Drake.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – You will be invoiced upon approval
$900 FULL Pay
$333/month (3 monthly payments of $333)

FREE BONUS GIFTS! An in-depth Numerology report – send your full birth name and date of birth to support@veronicadrake.com to start the process. ALSO – Living Life Unchained – a video series to help you reveal your unique purpose and passion!

If you have any questions, please contact support@veronicadrake.com.