“She is a life changer.”

A beautiful soul filled with love and light that only wants to make things well in YOUR life! I love her and she has raised me up and set me on my way to healing on every level, mind, body and spirit. Lisa C.

“I was blown away”

“Had a reading with Veronica in mid-November and was blown away! She has no idea who I am or my history, background, my profile is private and every bit of information that I was provided was on point. I started my soul journal and look forward to the daily messages and often go back to my reading. Things are changing in my life and it’s because of the direction and guidance I was provided. Thank you Veronica and especially a huge Thank you to the Angels!” M. Powell

“Veronica is a life changer!”

Linda C.


“You are a gift!”

I had an amazing experience with Veronica.  She truly has a gift that is really special.  She provided clarity in multiple areas of my life professionally and personally.  I did not know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the intuitive knowledge she communicated.  She is extremely passionate about what she does and she has a deep level of understanding on spiritual guidance.  I would highly recommend Veronica to everyone.  Terrie M.


“Veronica is the TRUTH”

“I was a little leery about getting a reading. Is this what a Christian who believes in Christ does? Let me assure you that she is in line with her beliefs in our Creator. A gift such as hers can only be given from God and she is using it to help women free themselves from the bondage that we pack on from life. There is no hocus pocus, no magic spells, ONLY TRUTH. Don’t miss out on getting clear about a particular situation because of what “tradition” says. Get FREE”! Rhonda Nails


“She will move you, provoke you, and empower you”

“Veronica Drake is the real deal! She is taking the radio world by storm with her incredible depth of spiritual knowledge, mixed with her genuine compassion for all human beings.Warm, transparent, and sassy, Veronica is an emerging star in the mind-body-spirit sector of personal growth information. She will move you, provoke you, and empower you … leaving you with a feeling of wanting to be in her presence even more”! Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D, founder of Mind of the Leader


“It was not what I was expecting from a reading over the phone, as you hear the horror stories of some of the physic lines out there”

“I had a reading yesterday with Veronica and it was an absolutely great experience. She gave me insight on a very sensitive area in my life that I am dealing with at the moment, and gave me clarity into the situation and how I should handle it. She touched on a few things that surprised me as well. It was actually very relaxing. It was not what I was expecting from a reading over the phone, as you hear the horror stories of some of the physic lines out there. I came across Veronica here on Facebook and went to her site and read everything on there and all the reviews before I decided to book a reading. It was the best reading that I have ever had and will be booking more readings! She is awesome!!” Sue De Minico DeRubertis


“She reveals things in your being that are powerful to your path.”

“Ronnie has a wonderful, sweet and feminine energy that guides you easily into yourself … She reveals things in your being that are powerful to your path. I was very excited to have learned some things I was not allowing myself to know … Ronnie is gifted.” Mariel Hemingway, actress, author


“She is VERY down to earth”

I had an intuitive reading with Veronica, she is amazing. I was so relaxed with her. She is down to earth and was very helpful. I am signed up to take her intuitive classes. She is lots of fun too. I highly recommend her.” Deb Knecht, PA


“She lifts me out of dark places”

I’ve had several readings with Veronica. She is truthful, uplifting and so helpful in reaching my soul’s potential. She lifts me out of the dark places in life… Encouraging me to see the positives in life. I recommend her… Totally!! Patti Schultz

“A very emotional and powerfully-clarifying session”

“I had a very emotional and powerfully-clarifying session with Veronica today. I’m very grateful to Veronica Drake and recommend a session with her if you are looking for clarity or support with where you’re heading!!” Michelle Summer Fike |


“I feel that she is a guardian angel and cheerleader all rolled into one”

“I had the most extraordinary experience during a Soul Reading with Veronica. This woman, who had not laid eyes on me personally, in a one hour reading, was spot on in so many areas of my life, as if she had traveled the path with me over the past 50 years.

In a loving, supportive way, she was able to help me uncover hidden blocks to what it is I say I want in my life, She was also able to assist me in discovering the next steps to living the bliss I truly desire. I feel that she is a guardian angel and cheerleader all rolled into one.

I highly recommend that you arrange a session with her.”

Edie Weinstein-Moser


“Veronica is a coach, intuitive, magician, and game changer”

“Veronica is a coach, intuitive, magician, and game changer. A magician because she can make that junk disappear. You know the junk we have been carrying around for so long that it has become a part of us — those limiting beliefs and thoughts; the ones that prevent us from being who we really are. A game changer — she teaches us what the game is, the rules of the game, how to play the game and the expected outcome of the game. Oh yeah, the game is life — your life — who and what you are but most of all who you are meant to be.

Veronica is very much a what you see is what you get kinda girl. She has an amazing personality that resonates with so many people. Above all she understands and relates to peoples issues. In fact, no matter what your issue may be Veronica has probably gone through the same thing at some point in her life. She not only walks the walk, but talks the talk.

She is one of us. Over the years she has gotten rid of one helluva lot of junk and has transformed and recreated herself.”

Bradley, Toronto

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