Welcome to the place where Worry stops.. Confidence Blossoms… and Souls wake up

Imagine life beyond your limitations. Past all of your learned beliefs. Further than you have ever dreamed to go!

You are tired of doing it everyone else’s way. You came here to find peace, and to learn how to tune out the outside noise.

 It’s time to finally discover your calling.. your life’s purpose..and inner peace.

This page is home to all different resources to help set yourself free and start living from your soul.  These resources will help you release stress and anxiety, as well as, find your own voice in a noisy, demanding world.

Take your time and experience the energy of this page. Allow yourself to spend time listening to your soul while you find the perfect resource for this moment.

The person who lets the world control him no longer possess his inner self. Chuang Tzu




Aligning your mind, body and soul is the first step to achieving inner peace.

  • Learning to recognize and shift limiting beliefs that have poisoned your mind is key when seeking peace.
  • The energy of your physical body tells your life story. Explore how your biography becomes your biology.
  • Discovering tap into your own inner knowing.. your intuition and live life from your soul.

Meditation..Relaxation..Soothing Conversations – Resources for your soul

Meet Your Spirit Guides


Each one of your guides and angels was assigned to you for a LIFETIME(s).  They have been with you through all your lives.. THEY KNOW YOU! They want to officially meet you, but they must be invited to appear. Learn a step by step process to help you call them in!

meditation for busy mind-products

Meditation For the Busy Mind


Meditation isn’t only for people who climb to the mountain top. Discover the power of finding stillness while learning to  love yourself. This audio program is a series of nine audios all designed to help you slow down and really get to know yourself in todays busy world.

notice your thoughts-products

Notice Your Thoughts


Find the stillness and accept what it. Discover the space between thoughts and practice going within. Notice how life gets calmer when you  learn to go with the flow of what is.

Instantly Shift Worry & Stress in Under 5 Minutes


This audio is for the woman who wants to get a grip on stress and anxiety. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. But, there is a calm soothing space waiting to embrace you..its inside of you.  Access it using this mp3 and feel rejuvenated instantly.

Body Scan Meditation.


This is NOT your average meditation! A guided 15 minute meditation to help you tame your inner voice and instantly release stress.INSTANTLY release stress and re-group. I suggest you listen to this morning, noon and evening. It’s a great way to create space in your life for SELF!

Blond with blue eyes sitting near lake with cup of hot tea

Journey of the Soul


A guided meditation with soothing sounds to gently transport you into a peaceful way of being. Transport yourself to the crystal waters and soothing breezes inside your own being. Feel protected and secure as you journey within.

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