Week of June 26 2017

This is your guidance for the week of June 26th 2017
Lets get to this weeks reading

Angels are not going to give you direct answers ( well not always), you must remember working with the spirit world is a co- creative process where you must be responsible for your own life and choices.

The angels will give a study guide of sorts.. they will offer you precise guidance about where to look and even what you are to look for. They will give you validation, reminders and pure support..

Angels and guides do not work on our time table. Time is no linar. The timing is ALL up to you – eaning how quickly you implement what you understand.
You job is to be discerning and to pay attention to your own knowing. This is a co-creative process and you will know where / how or even if this guidance applies to you.

I promise you if you are listening with an open heart and pure intentions you will walk away KNOWING .
A couple of notes guidance is NOT always literal.. and angels can show us messages in multiple ways.. images, sounds, feelings, smells.. keep an open mind and always check in with your own gut.

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