Angel Messages July 24th Episode 5

This week opens up with a heartfelt message from the angel of TRUST. She is telling you to trust yourself in all matters. Looking for outside validation will only make you more confused and distance you from achieving your freedom. Also, with the angel of trust the angel of freedom is close by. Reminding you that YOU have all the power because you have free will and this is what creates your independence.

If you are finding obstacles along the way to freedom, whether people, situations or even jobs you need to look within and consult your Higher Self on the lessons to be learned by these obstacles. Nothing enters your life or gets removed from your life with teaching you something. The main focus for this week should be to NOT take anything personally BUT to see the learning, and to see the messengers as TEACHERS.
The next Angel energy that was present this morning as I challenged was the angle of FAITH – She is asking you to find what you believe and anchor firmly in it. It doesn’t have to be about a religion.. but rather about a way of BEING.. Find a way to be that serves humanity and be that way in all areas of your life. Being faithful means staying true to the course. Even when it feels like you are the outsider the one who everyone else appears to have abandon. She is asking you to search your heart and soul and always come from a place of purity and peace. As long as you do this IS the path to true Purpose and meaning.

Find self acceptance in the peace of knowing you are EXACTLY as you should be..
This concludes this weeks angel message tune in next Monday for more guidance and inspiration.

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