Angel Messages Episode 6 July 31

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Your job is to be discerning and to pay attention to your own knowing. This is a co-creative process and you will know where / how or even if this guidance applies to you.

As always I want to remind you guidance is NOT always literal.. and angels can show us messages in multiple ways.. images, sounds, feelings, smells.. keep an open mind and always check in with your own gut.

These readings are filled with Divine light and are protected by the angelic realm. I call in all loving intention and ask that the messages bring to light exactly what is need for each listener.

Lets get started with episode #6

This weeks readings comes from Doreen Virtures deck – Mary Queen of Angels And Saints and angels.

Center your thoughts on the word balance this week. Give and receive equally. In order to receive you will have to be open to taking what others offer. Do not look at what others give as good or bad. Everything you receive is necessary. What you do with it is all that matters.  You have the gift of perspective – how you see things makes ALL the difference.

Follow your heart in ALL matters and you will be in alignment with pure grace. Losing sight of your heart in all matters is what creates imbalance in your life.  Mother Mary will heal this imbalance in your life. Surrendering it to her begins with a prayer.

Finding your own way by relying on Divine guidance is key this week.  You must trust your own intuition when it comes to who to trust with your deepest feelings and thoughts. You tend to live emotionally and let other people rule your life. If you are silent and look back at situations where you have felt this you will learn the lesson. Ask your guardian angel to open your mind and heart to see this clearly.

Movement is important this week for health reason. Find quiet time to see what your body needs and offer it gentle movement.  Coupled with your body’s needs is your emotional needs.  Allow yourself to easily feel what your soul most desires.  Ask the Angels to lead you to the place where you overflowing with emotion. Ask for their help to process and share these feelings. Soul journals or even speaking them to a certain person will help.

Changes you have been searching for are coming. You job is to believe it when you see it. Keep an open mind as to what change looks like.  Don’t get boxed in to a routine way of seeing new things.  Take on curiosity and notice the little things.. the subtle things..


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