Caution: This is NOT your mothers meditation!

  • Are you stuck in all the wild noise in your head?
  • Do you think mediation is too woo woo for you?
  • Do you cringe when someone even says meditate?
  • Do you freak out wondering what position to be in, or what mantra to chant, or maybe even what clothes to wear.. the list of EXCUSES can be endless?

Is your mind driving you nuts?

TRUST ME.. this is NOT a new aged woo-woo meditation guide. This IS a practical, easy and innovative how -to guide for the woman who can’t shut her mind up. This isn’t another typical close your eyes and breathe technique. This IS how women with busy minds relieve stress… sleep better… make better decisions..AND live happy lives.
I am going to help you let go of all the preconceived ideas you have about getting still and meditating. I am going to take you on a very organic INTERNAL voyage.. into your INNER KNOWING and, also teach you how to trust your intuition!  

Are you sick and tired of tossing and turning all night?

People climb mountain tops .. go on retreats.. listen to endless programs in search of the elusive silence that resides within.  I don’t know about you but, I don’t have the time to climb a mountain or visit retreats and as for programs, yea I got ’em, they’re collecting dust.
Let’s face it for most human beings meditation is nearly impossible. We are terrified of losing “control” and we are programmed to believe if we aren’t THINKING life will fall apart.  
Control…that’s a big reason why most people won’t shut their minds up. Another big reason is because they don’t know how to enter into a state of stillness and  they give up before they start. And, they continue play the victim.

You were created with all your answers – a GPS for your Soul!

And, this is not what you think!

The mind is a crazy wild place.  Its full of unpredictability, inconsistencies, sorrows, joy and so on. No human can escape these experiences as it IS all part of being human. However, human beings CAN work with the mind to align it with the Soul so that life can make more sense and feel more manageable.

Once we learn to embrace the stillness..the inner voice we can be more open and accepting of all of our wild experiences.. we can become more settled with who we are.. more relaxed with what is.. and more tolerant overall. As stated earlier humans believe that thinking will provide us with security and certainty.. anyone who has lived past 18 knows this isn’t true and yet we still hold on to that belief.

Here’s a FACT we have never experienced this moment ever before nor will we ever experience it again! Knowing this fact and living it are two different things. Once you understand how to quiet your mind you will effortlessly go moment to moment, in fact, it IS our first nature to live that way.. moment to moment. Conditioning.. programming and fear have trained us to shy away from that.  Meditation will teach us how to relate to life directly in the moment.

How about a HUGE helping of INNER PEACE?

Unconsciously you are refusing to look at why your life is always so busy and decisions are always hard to make.  This program will offer up a safe space for you to explore your inner most thoughts and feelings so that you can start to feel comfortable being YOU! This program was designed for the woman with a short attention span. I personally guide you inside yourself so that you can hear what is calling out to be revealed.

There are 9 audios (mp3s) all simply spoken and easily understood.

I purposely recorded them in short bites (all under 20 minutes) so that you can easily create the time and you will surely be able to focus on the process instantly.

1: Meditation Made Easy

Becoming comfortable being still. How to access the energy centers in your body. Energy enters your body at 7 specific areas of the body – they are little spinning wheels of energy called Chakras.

2: Accessing The Energy Centers of The Body

The Creator put a built in system to help you navigate life. Your body holds all your answers, as well as, the ability to direct your life choices.  Learn how to drop inside and find your answers.

3: Opening Up

Prepare your physical body for getting quiet. Exploring the root of your pain and uncover why it’s calling out to you.

4: Exterior World

We get so involved with the noise of the outside world that we begin to believe everything everyone else tells us. Trusting the stillness of your inner voice is key when it comes to slowing down your racing mind. Practice tuning out the outside world.

5: Higher Self vs Your Ego

One voice inside you calls you one way, the other voice tells you to go another direction. Learn to tell the difference between your Ego and your inner wisdom.

6: Going Deeper

Expand your tiny perspective of the world into a huge global understanding while standing in the center.

7: All the layers that make you YOU

Explore your life one layer at a time. Like peeling an onion each layer brings your closer to your objective

8: Clean your mental house

Empty your mind of distractions and find Divine order to your thinking

9: Be willing to make a mess

Sometimes shaking things up is the only way to regain reality. Embrace the unanswered question that you typically hide from.

This is a self paced home study course that is meant to be used over and over. Each time you listen to it you will uncover different aspects of yourself and the world around you. I invite you to use this course to solve present issues as well as clear up old wounds.  The process is the same.  Your level of participation will determine how deep you take this course into your own life.
I know there a million programs out there.. teach you how to shut up your thinking but this program is unique in the sense that it doesn’t demand total stillness. In fact it requires you to listen to the small voice within so that you can shut down what no longer works!