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The Step By Step Solution To Remove The Blocks That Are Keeping You From Living Your God Given Purpose 

Every woman I talk to has one thing in common…

Every one of them wants to know for what purpose they were born!

They dream of stepping outside of their comfort zone to experience a more meaningful quality of life, but, the reality is FEAR keeps them stuck and swirling in their limiting beliefs about life and about themselves.

They feel lost.. disconnected.. unsure.. overwhelmed, and can’t even begin to figure out why they are here. There is too much clutter in the way.

I know these women well. I was one of these women up until age 44. Imagine that, 44 years of my life spent thinking I wasn’t smart enough, or worthy enough to even dream I could make a difference. And, now at age 54 I teach women how to build up their confidence and find their life purpose!  It feels surreal!! 

Nothing happens until something moves.. the law of physics!

Here’s what I know for sure

You can’t just dream about making life better you have to take inspired action to make it happen. You can’t OM or chant it into your life or rely on the law of attraction. You need a plan. A solid proven personal development plan! 

And, this begins with doing the INNER work necessary to move past all the hidden blocks in your life.

Most women are so overwhelmed they can’t even see their blocks. They just know something feels off.  Something is missing. And, this is exactly why I created Living Life Unchained, a 6 part video series designed to open your soul and help you break free from fear so you can move beyond your blocks.

Here is what you’ll learn

Video #1: Getting started

  • Discover what you are committed to
  • Explore your choices
  • Put together all the pieces

Video #2: You-ology

  • Creating awareness of who you are
  • Defining boundaries in all areas of life
  • Learning to love what is

Video #3: Creating Soul Statements

  • What is your soul really saying
  • Learn to get focused and calm
  • Find out who you truly are

Video #4: What do you believe

  • Explore your perceptions
  • Shift and expand your awareness
  • How do you tell whats real

Video #5: Learning to Re-Frame life

  • How do you really see your life
  • What does purpose really mean
  • Find permission to be YOU

Video #6: Is drama stalking you?

  • How to spot drama
  • What are you attracting
  • Truth, transparency, vulnerability

Video #8:Overcoming people pleasing

  • Signs you are a pleaser
  • How do people treat you
  • Ways to stop being a pleaser

Video #9: Learn to work with intuition

  • How to Develop Your Intuition Skills
  • Ways to identify Intuition
  • What is the source of intuition

Video #9:Develop intuition

  • Ask your Higher Self
  • Setting your intentions
  • Answer these questions

Video #10:Tying it all together

  • Closing thoughts
  • More exercises
  • Phase three

How to get the most out of each video

You can listen to the videos in any order you choose to. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to learn. Everyone is different. Veronica suggests that you create a soul journal, something you can take notes in and jot down your thoughts and feelings.

The videos are filled with tons of content and they are evergreen, meaning they will ALWAYS be relevant.. even 20 years from now.

Take your time and really practice the lessons in each video so you will get the most from them.  This is a co-creative effort. Veronica provides the lessons you must put the inspired action to them!


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