“I just have to tell you that you are amazing Veronica. Ever since we talked on Tuesday I feel so much more excited and confident. It’s like my fog of doubt has just transformed into shooting stars everywhere. Thank you so much.”


Business Owners.. Its time to BE MORE..more relaxed.. more confident..more profitable! 


I am NOT a business coach! I can’t analyze spread sheets, or create pro foma budgets, nor do I want to!  BUT, I am really great at supporting the person who has all the pressures and stresses!

You KNOW how stressful life gets and how little support can be offered to help you cope when the buck stops with you! I bet for some of you just hearing that phrase can cause you to clench your teeth!

Its true what they say about it being lonely at the top. Sure, you have your peers, but come on, are you really willing to be vulnerable and share your heart over lunch.. I think not..

Yes, there are handbooks and SOPs to give you the mechanics of the role but there isn’t anyone who will just listen while you lay it all out there – and if there is can you trust what you reveal will stay confidential? Probably not!

AND.. if you are a business OWNER don’t forget how…L-O-N-E-L-Y it can be.. I know it well!

You have to be tired of carrying the angst and frustration home with you and it’s not fair to those who love you. Besides think about the customers and your employees no one wins when you’re miserable.

frustrated leaderAny chance you can relate?

  • Irritable
  • Frustrated
  • Less talkative
  • More disconnected
  • Awake all hours “thinking”
  • More likely to make irrational decisions

The higher the role you have in a company the more you are required to deal with relational issues, as well as the psychology of people.. their emotional drives.. their self interests, their interactive skills, personality types and so on.

These competencies rest on a foundation of self-knowledge, self-awareness. And you can’t know the truth about another without knowing it about yourself.

Being able to empathize, understand and deal effectively with others’ perspectives is key to successful leadership.. as well as personal life.

As a business owner you answer to your customer/client.

Here is the number one secret most business owners and execs ignore…knowing yourself and feeling good about yourself is the foundation to every successful business.

Its time for practical, good old fashion non judgmental listening!

The role of executive management has never been more challenging… or rewarding. However, those who serve in the role know how lonely it can be.

Don’t misunderstand me.. there are A LOT of perks that come with the role. The question is are you supported enough, and encouraged enough to be the kind of leader that can consistently cut it?

Managing, or owning businesses today is not like it was 30 years ago or even 15 years ago. Ever changing culture and workforces require a progressive, open, clear mind to be successful. The days of handling it all yourself are over – the burn out statistics are huge. And, once burn out seeps in poor decisions are made, or NO DECISIONS are made and you know that leads to low morale, feelings of inadequacy and even loss of jobs… no one wants that.

You cannot believe in your business if you don’t believe in yourself!

Your job as the owner, or CEO requires you to hear the truth more than anyone else and peers are not always the best people to offer that “truth”. Too many emotions and egos get in the way with little to no results.

Helping women feel better emotionally, physically, spiritually. Intuitive guidance to help you feel better.This is where I come into your life!

Let me be VERY clear I am NOT a TRADITIONAL business coach in any way.. I AM the one reason you will let go of your trained mentality and rise to new levels professionally and personally!

Before you are a CEO or business owner you are a person. A person who has needs and feelings. Understanding both of these is crucial to the overall success of you business AND your life!

Here’s what makes me different than any other coach you’ve known…

One major difference between what I offer and what other coaches offer.. I am an intuitive. That means I see things.. feel things.. and can offer up guidance that is typically unseen by others. I pull the veil back and offer you an intuitive look at your life and your business and help you create a heart inspired strategy to move you and your business forward.

Connecting your inner life to your outer life.

Creating holistic success is a must.. first embrace your vision of yourself and unite it with your current path of personal growth.

Expansion begins with consciousness.. Expand yourself.. Expand your business.

Let me support you with my experience, knowledge and Intuition!

Here’s what I can offer you:

  • Refreshingly open, honest perspective that will allow you to sort through the facts and make better decisions without all the drama of highly charged emotions
  • Creative ways to get to the core of what’s blocking you
  • Intuitive guidance to open up your own inner knowing so you can learn to make decisions using your own gut feelings
  • A safe space to just be you and share whatever you need to share. Some days we all need someone to just listen..not offer opinions or respond.. just listen.
  • Unbiased insight on what’s going on in your life and business. An intuitive glimpse inside your energy will tell us instantly what the day, month or next hour could potential hold for you

The outcome will be a more productive, less stressful business.

“When I worked on my job I made a living. When I worked on myself I made a fortune.” – Billionaire, Warren Buffet


One Session


Six 1 Hr Sessions