and take a peek into her world as she shares in simple language how you too can become an expert intuitive.



This program is for you if.. you simply want to develop your own intuition or you want become a professional intuitive!

Simple Step by Step home study course to develop your intuition.

Have you ever gone to your best friend for advice?

You know she’ll listen unconditionally and you trust that she will respect you enough to be honest and loving as she offers her advice. That’s why you are open to listening..really listening to her..carefully. You take what she has to say to heart and feel safe with her.


Picture this…

You and your best friend are part of a huge crowd of strangers who are all shouting advice to you. NOW WHAT?

awaken8 This is exactly like your inner voice. It is ALWAYS there and ready to give you the guidance you need but often times there is too much noise and clutter (your mind) keeping you from hearing what its saying.

awaken7 You need to remove yourself from the noise to hear your inner voice so that you can make informed decisions that will

serve your Highest good.



Being able to instantly and effortlessly tap into your intuition and get clear insights in all areas of your life!

Meeting someone for the first time and knowing within minutes if they’re trustworthy (or not).

Being able to immediately sense when someone is lying to you.

And IMAGINE if you could JUST know — without doubt that your heart never lies and you can TRUST it.

Hearing your inner voice isn't something that just a few select people can do..EVERYONE can do it… with practice.


This home study course is for you IF…

  • You want to start making better decisions in all areas of your life
  • You are wanting less anxiety and stress
  • You are willing to accept better quality relationships
  • You want to know the Purpose of your life
  • You want to be more creative
  • You want to invite people who support your Highest good into your life
  • You want to STOP guessing your way through life and start KNOWING
  • You want to find more opportunities to attract more money
  • You want a simpler way of BEING!

Discover the power of your intuition… quickly and easily. So you’ll feel more control, confidence and clarity over what to do next.


awaken941. A simple quick formula to discover your intuition and how to tell the difference between your intuition and your ego..mind

2. An easy approach to tuning out the day to day chatter in your head

3. How to instantly solve your most burning issue, question or concern. Veronica will walk you through a step by step technique you can use to find your answers

4. Learn how to breathe properly so that you can receive true guidance

5. Explore the very techniques Veronica uses personally to walk clients through anxiety to results based solutions


What: A home study, self paced course to teach you how to find and use your intuition. You get 7 mp3 lessons, 2 videos and a downloadable eBook… all delivered to your inbox instantly. 

Who: For women who want to develop their intuition and  are serious about making life better. This course is designed for the woman who wants to take a deeper look into her own life as well as the collective universe.

Why: So you can have more peace and clarity in your relationships..your job.. your finances..YOUR LIFE. Once you understand why you do the things you do you CHANGE the way you live your life.

Where: Delivered instantly to your inbox! 

You get 7 mp3 lessons, 2 videos and a  BONUS downloadable eBook… all delivered to your inbox instantly.


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