Bringing the Light.. Love.. and Healing into your life with Angel guidance

During your angel reading, I connect directly to YOUR HIGHER SELF – Spirit Guides and Angels.  I channel them in (think of this as tuning into your favorite radio station and hearing the music you love clearly). I am also able to channel your loved ones who have departed this world. 

Your Guides and Angels know you better than you know yourself and they are very forthcoming with guidance, and as the conduit, I am easily able to interpret what they most want you to know.

There may be times where I use angel cards and other times I rely only on the vibe of your Guides and Angels.

Please note they are not predictors. They are interested in helping you create a better life, so they will assist you in understanding and working through the complex problems, relationships and situations currently surrounding you.

Once you get this understanding, you will feel much better, more confidence, and less fear.

If you are looking for reassurance, validation or guidance book your Angel reading and get peace of mind! 

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Once you purchase your reading you will be sent an email from Veronica. You MUST confirm this email. If you use Gmail, please check your promotions, spam or junk folders.  After you confirm your email you will be sent one more email containing a link to book your time with Veronica.

DISCLAIMER: All information is subject to the service recipient’s interpretation. Veronica Drake shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the session.

Each person acts on their own free will. My interperative guidance does not replace, nor is it a substitute for medical, legal, or psychological services that the client may need.

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