Inner Badass

How I define inner badass…

An inner badass is the piece inside ALL of us that sparks creativity, longs for freedom, seeks peace, desires commitment, speaks truth, shouts boundaries, embraces what is and ferociously LOVES and LIVES UNCONDITIONALLY!!

Veronica Drake

“I grew up at the intersection of mental illness and alcoholism”

The original start date is 1962. I was the first child born to a seventeen year old mother and twenty one year old father. He would become an alcoholic and her mental illness would go full blown very quickly.  Life for me was chaotic and lonely to say the least.

There was so much dysfunction that it seems impossible to even write it all. I will summarize. Unloved, scared, lonely, abandoned, kidnapped, date raped, depressed, lies, guilt and shame. That’s my life in a nutshell up until 1996.

Fast forward… November 1996.  I had made the decision to end my life on a very cold day in November. A life that I had screwed up so badly that I wasn’t even willing to stick around in. I wasn’t raised with any knowledge of God. I thought Christmas was about Santa Claus and Easter was bunnies, eggs and chocolate. I had nothing to pull me back from the edge.

I got in my car and decided to crash into the side of a bridge. I had my pedal to the floor, tears streaming down my face, screaming “FUCK YOU” to God. I was pissed. “Where are you?” I screamed. Hands clenching the wheel. I challenged Him to deal with this shit that was my life.

Instantly I felt indiscernible warmth come into my car. I felt as if I were wrapped in a blanket. Suddenly, the car felt very crowded. Next to me.. Behind me.. On the floor. The car was packed! I had no idea with what. I just knew something had me. Strangely, I wasn’t scared. It was very peaceful. And, then I heard a whisper, “We have you”.  My foot came off the accelerator, my breathing slowed down and I saw flashes of light. Was I dead? No, I was being held by the Angels right here on earth. That was the beginning of my hearing and working with the Angels.

From that day forward I started to see, hear, smell and just know things about everyone around me. It was my gift from God. It was born November 1996 and gets stronger every single day.

I have used this gift to create my own life according to His plan and His will. Daily I am lead to what is in my Highest and Greatest good. I call my Angels my tribe.  We are one.  I never do anything without consulting with them first.

Today I am successful business owner who helps women discover their own Divine purpose and gifts so that they too can live their truth and co-create a grace filled life just as I have.