Spiritual things I learned from a tree

Spiritual things I learned from a tree

As you know, or maybe you don’t, I am all about SIMPLE.  If it ain’t simple I ain’t doin it!

spiritual lessons from a tree

So, when I think back about my spiritual awakening I realized the simplest teacher I had was a tree and here’s what I learned.




  • Everything has a season. Know when to let go of, or drop off people, beliefs, or situations in your life. Just like a tree naturally understands when it’s time to let go of its covering, its leaves, so should you intuitive know when to release.


  • Everything grows back more lush and fuller than the last time. Each new experience, each lesson learned leaves you filled with more and more understanding of who you are and why you are here. Every fall I prune my butterfly bush and every spring it produces a fuller more vibrant tree. Just like in life, you have to cut back the old ways to make room for a more fulfilling way of being.


  • Only when you are firmly planted will you thrive and grow. Just as the roots of a tree reach deep into Mother Earth so too must our own understanding of ourselves. It’s so important to understand just how connected we are to Mother Earth. It’s a requirement that we feed our connection to her through prayer, quiet time and listening. She will fill us with nourishment to live a life filled with compassion for all once we understand her and how what she feeds us is to be shared with the worlds.


  • In order to thrive, you must return to the earth. All the nutrients and energy you will ever need resides deep in her core. Plant yourself daily in her… literally, touch your feet to her. Feel her fill you up with clean energy.


  • There is room for many to coexist lovingly. Look at all the branches of a tree and how they make space and accept each other. They all know that each one holds its own when its healthy and draws sustenance from the trunk. It knows it cannot exist on its own. The trunk IS required. Just as our connection to Source IS required for a healthy strong life.


  • Each branch is unique in the way it will support the tree. Some will be longer or thicker than other but ALL hold leaves and help maintain the purpose of the tree. Same is true for humanity. We all look different and we ALL have a place here and a PURPOSE here.  In order to stay strong, we must respect the whole.


  • When one part of the tree becomes infected it has the potential to infect the entire tree. That’s what its so important to help each other stay healthy. Be the example.

The forest is a clear example of how there is enough room on this planet for all of us to PEACEFULLY co-exist!

Offer yourself the grace and space of spending time with a tree today. Hear what she has to tell you. It WILL change your life.

Please feel free to share your own learning and understanding in the comments below.







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