Angel Message

Angel Message

Weekly Angel Message 11-20

To all my American followers I want to wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving this week.

I invite you to take a few minutes and literally write out what you are thankful for. Put that energy out in the universe. It will help raise your vibration.

This week’s reading is very powerful indeed  The angels want you to know its time.. time to spread your wings and fly.  Let go of what has been holding you back- a job, a relationship, a belief.  The word is INDEPENDENCE. Freeing yourself begins with a thought- a thought of YES, I can, YES, I’m ready. Nothing happens until you align with this thought.

In the workplace and perhaps in life you are strongly encouraged to be a team player in every way. The word is pull your load and then some.  Its time for you to step up and offer your talents in a creative out of the box way.  This is what is needed to sway or get a particular situation moving once and for all.  This will break the cycle of you constantly waiting on change. This is the jumpstart to change.

Your angels are wanting you to trust your intuition more than ever.  This will require patience. Lots of patience. There is a certain person in your life who requires your time and attention but you have been avoiding this person as they “push your buttons” and you keep telling yourself I don’t have time for this.  Well, you are encouraged to CREATE time to deal or it will be created for you.  The time is handle matters is now.

With regard to intimate relationships – carefully weigh your options.  What looks like a positive move may have long lasting consequences that could take away your freedoms.  Be mindful of the long term situation.  Prefer watching a video CLICK HERE

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