How to do a past life regression for yourself

How to do a past life regression for yourself

Let’s open with a prayer…

Collective practice – we are all one – Today I come to the edge of consciousness willing to explore.  I acknowledge I am safe and always protected.

Slowly I breathe in grace and I feel home.I feel cradled in the gentle arms of the Creator.  I welcome the transformational power of truth. I am braver to because I know there is a force greater than myself in charge. I willingly accept this universal truth.

Today I ask myself – What do I need to know about the person emerging. I am willing to acknowledge my souls insights .. What does my soul want me to know.

I am no longer willing to live a conscious life of contradictions.. or a disempowered life.

I must acknowledge my fear and ask for the truth to come thru

I am a being filled with creativity

I ask that I receive the guidance, wisdom, and love to see truth all around me

My intention with this guided exercise is to help you explore your own past lives in a safe and comfortable way.

Keep in mind you can download this video (I’ll post it to YouTube) and you’ll always have a reference point.  I am not implying a past life regression therapist wouldn’t be help to you I am simply doing what I do.. making the spiritual practical. Showing you how to apply spiritual processes to your everyday life.

Past life regressions provide the opportunity to discover who you may have been in a previous incarnation. People using the technique believe that learning about your past lives may help reveal information that allows you to heal issues or discover new purpose in your current life. During the process you may:

  • Discover the source of fears and phobias
  • Discover the source of physical ailments
  • Learn about your karmic path with people who have been with you through multiple lifetimes
  • Find the source of attachments to people, places, or objects
  • Learn more about your soul’s pat


On the day of your session, you will come to your appointment with a list of questions that you want answered by your High Self. Most people make two lists; one of health/ body questions and another of life/personal questions.

Let’s prepare to journey

You will want to find a quiet place where you can be alone. You may want to create an atmosphere that includes soft rhythmic music and some white candles – it’s not necessary – but I am a visual person and I love soft music to calm me.

You will also want to have a Soul Journal and pen handy so when you come back you can take notes.

What I am about to walk you thru is not a one time deal. You will need to practice it and learn to release any anxiety or expectations around it. In other words be patient!

This is a SLOW process and requires your complete focus on relaxing your body and YOUR mind.  The reason we do this is so that your past life can easily emerge into your consciousness.  Please know that every time you do this exercise you will go deeper and deeper and you will retrieve more answers. Be gentle on you.

Once you feel relaxed call forward your Higher Self, your angels, and guides to be present during your entire session. This will guarantee your highest level of protection.

You MUST be comfortable for this process to unfold – physically comfortable. Find a comfortable position – one you can easily maintain throughout the process. I suggest having loose fitting clothing on.

This exercise should be about 45 mins.  Be sure to set an alarm to bring you back at that time

Next – you will want to select a very special intention for this journey. You could ask – “let me see what I most need to see to help me with ______”, or you can ask, “ can you please explain my current life’s purpose using any information from any or all my past lives”,  you can also ask about your past life personalities and situation and how they are showing up now and what you need to know

Once your intention and comfort  is set – we move into the actual exercise

Begin by taking deep breaths in thru the nose and out thru the mouth. To calm you down and help you center you can place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth and press gently. This puts pressure on the meridian connected to the frontal lobe and will instantly bring peace.

Also – another tip – if you are overly wound up YAWN a few times. This clears the brain of all the chatter and soothes you.

Now – close your eyes and picture a big orb of white healing light that you are standing on top of. You will want to ask the light to stream through your entire body and fill every piece of you with its healing properties.

Start at your feet, work your way up to your calves, knees, along your thighs, hips, stomach thru your chest and throat embracing your shoulders and massaging your neck. Gently roll your neck and shoulders to help distribute the light.

Next, scan your body looking for any shaded or hazy areas where energy is blocked. When you find those spots ask the light to filter out all the heaviness and blocked spaces. Notice your body becoming lighter and more relaxed. You are filled with the beautiful white light that is creating a warm soothing vibration that is LOVE. You are safe and protected.

It’s time to go inside. You enter a room filled with white light and shining crystals.  You notice a staircase directly in front of you. It’s shimmering and made of crystal. It’s completely transparent, smooth and safe.  You notice it’s going up. The rails are glowing and warm. Picture placing your feet on the bottom step. Breathing and experiencing peace you take the next 4 steps to the top. With each step, you get more and more in tune with your Higher Self. You can feel your vibration raising with each level. Your angels and guides are floating beside you all the way. Your guardian angel is holding your hand.

At the top of the beautiful staircase you a long corridor that smells like the ocean.  A warm breeze is cradling you. At the end of the corridor, you see a huge door surrounded by a striking purple light. On the door, it says MY PAST LIVES. Just beyond this door is the gateway to your past lives.

You are not alone and you are completely safe and you are loved. Feel the love swell up inside of you. Offer yourself permission to relax and experience the joy of this beautiful serene place.

Your angels are holding you.

Now is the time to make the decision to go through the door or not.  If you choose not to that’s ok. If you choose to go thru that’s ok too. Either way you are loved and protected.

If you are not wanting to go thru simple turn around and head back down the stairs while breathing in I am loved.

If you are ready to move forward. Open the door. Notice its texture – what it made out of – how it smells and it weight.

Repeat these words often as your walk thru your life. I am always protected and loved.  I am a direct connection from which I came. That which created me lives in me.

Once you open the door take a seat on the overstuffed, warm cozy couch. It holds you in grace and peace. Notice a huge movie screen come down in front of you – repeat your intention for this journey as stated earlier.  “ I am clear on why I am here and what I intend to take away”.

You see an image of yourself in a past life. Notice the detail. Use all your 5 senses to experience this moment. Take it all in.  Ask to be shown the past life that will most benefit you in this current life and it should, of course, match your intention.

Once you see yourself make note of what you are wearing, how your voice sounds, what you are doing, what year or era it is. Details are the key.  Once you have yourself fully envisioned say GO to start the process.

This is where it all gets revealed to you. Pay close attention. Your vibration is high and you are aligned with love and grace. You are protected.

Watch your movie. Noticing the messages.

The first time only journey for about 20 – 30 minutes, you will want to come back. This is a process that you will have always.  Set your timer to bring your awareness back.

When the timer goes off get up off the comfy couch and walk back to the stairway-  softly place your feet on the top step and ask the angels to guide you back to your present moment.  Breathe in the peace and love of the experience.

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

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