The battle between good and evil. It is a real thing?

The battle between good and evil. It is a real thing?

Short answer, NOPE.

Good and evil are made up concepts. The universe has a natural rhythm to it and its not labeled good and evil.

Let me help you put it all in perspective.  Evil is low vibrating energy. Albeit, it can be scary, but it’s all relative.

Let me show you… What the wildebeest sees as scary the lion sees as survival! NATURAL ORDER!

Every living thing has a nature to it.. a unique frequency.  All living things learn to co-exist in natural order.

The food chain. The fact that the little bunny is dinner to the hawk isn’t a good or evil thing… it’s a natural order of survival thing.

In keeping with that thought.  The higher the energy vibrates the more powerful it is.

Angels rule every time. Angels are the strongest vibrating form of energy next to the creator. Therefore, it’s natural that when you call angels in to surround you in the dark evil forces don’t stand a chance!

Let’s take it to the human level-

To simplify an often overly complicated topic let me offer you this perspective on “evil” people and “evil” acts.

Take murder for example.  It’s hard to wrap our heads around why murder happens. The reality is murder happens because someone is producing results of a very low vibrating energy. This person has incarnated here to carry out whatever he has been assigned to carryout and given the fact that we have free will people’s paths cross.

It’s very natural to get upset about this act. I’m sure the bunny tries to get in its hole before the hawk swoops in. Sometimes the natural order favors the bunny and sometimes it favors the hawk.

Without assigning a reason to it or labeling it good or evil we can see it as natural order playing out. We can’t possibly know what cosmic contract is playing out.

This doesn’t mean we sit back and accept it.. free will means we can fight back… protect ourselves and those we love.

Simply stated.. there are actions you approve of and actions you don’t.  Your job is to have clear ideas about what you approve of and what you don’t. Then live accordingly.  Now you are living in harmony with the natural order of the universe. See, no good or evil.. just natural order.

The great part is YOU get to decide what you will live with (accept in your world) and what you will not. My suggestion is to always practice vibrating at the HIGHEST frequency which is LOVE.   I always try to make the world the place I want it to be versus the world that vibrates at a low level.




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