How to develop your mediumship ability

How to develop your mediumship ability

I  have always been someone who needs to know how things operate. And, being a professional intuitive and medium is no different

I am going to hopefully simplify for you how to tap into the gift of mediumship.

We must begin with the foundational understanding that we are beings of energy. Need proof.. have an MRI or EKG that is your energy!  We have an energy field that extends outward the length of our arms around us. If you have ever heard the phrase “you’re in my space”, that’s what people are referring to.  We are very sensitive to that energy/space around us.

Let’s call this space outside you. Take a few minutes now and get familiar with this space. Imagine yourself hovering above your head and noticing all the space that surrounds you. Notice the words you will come with to describe this space. Be still with these feelings. Allow yourself to absorb the energy of those feelings/words.  When you are ready to grab your pen and paper and list out those very words.

With this information firmly planted we can move on to the next level, and that is energy NEVER dies. It may change its form or shape but you cannot kill energy.  And, this includes the human energy. Even when a body transitions it’s still the same energy you know.

Communicating with crossed over energy requires certain things of us humans. One of those things is that we raise our vibration. Think of your vibration as the car, and just as the car needs gas to go, you need fuel to ramp up your vibration.  Spirits vibrate at a much higher frequency than humans and therefore, we must fill up before we can begin to communicate.

So, what does this look like.. Close your eyes? Drop into your heart space. Meaning feels your life through your heart, not your mind.  The heart is filled with the energy of love.  Love IS the highest vibrating frequency there is.  Aligning with that frequency will ensure you are raising your vibration.  I learn best by imagery.  So, picture a garden hose being sprayed and all the water coming out represents your love radiating out into the universe. The spirit world picks up on it and comes to meet you! Isn’t that a beautiful image?

Now that you are connected energetically to the spirit world its time to get personal.

I always start by asking the white light to surround me and to only reveal to me what is in my highest and greatest good.  This ensures you are protected and only receiving the highest information.

Now its time to merge into the spirit realm. Picture how you merge onto the highway and you begin going with the flow of the traffic. You pick up speed or slow down whatever is necessary to keep pace. The same is true for communicating with the spirit world.

Once you are merged with or plugged into you can accelerate. This is the place we become one with the spirit world.

BONUS tip – the body needs food for fuel .. the spirit world needs LOVE for fuel. Keep your vibration high!

Here’s where we do the work.. in your mind’s eye call in a name of the person you are wanting to communicate with. Whats important to know is the second you ask them in THEY ARE THERE with you!

Lets practice.  Call into your mind a deceased relative or friend that you really didn’t know that well or at all.  Begin by asking them to join you in this cozy little space of white light and love.

Ask them to tell you about their life.  As if you are listening to an autobiography they will begin telling a story. You are simply listening. You have become one with this spirit and you are now able to hear the story.

I always ask for three pieces of evidential information. Things you can prove.  Age at time of death. How they died. What they did for a living.  Things only they could tell me.

Once you feel the spirit energy lessen you can be assured the conversation is complete. Now grab your pen and paper and write out everything you heard.

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