The NEW UPDATE .. future of Veronica Drake

The NEW UPDATE .. future of Veronica Drake

I have been so blessed to be supported in such a loving giving way by ALL of you! It is a breath of relief that I tell you I am taking time off from doing LIVE 1:1 readings. I am looking forward to recharging. It takes a lot of energy to do what I do and it’s time for ME for a bit.

If you are looking to book with me please do it by Sept 15th. I will NOT be doing any bookings effective October 1st! I look forward to serving you until that time.

Rewind.. my work will be focused on working with Channeling Erik. Since working with Elisa, Erik’s mom and Erik, I realize how many people need us and I am willing to support all who are drawn. My schedule is very full but there are still a few opening in late October and November



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  1. Marilyn Kriss

    I am SO glad I had a reading with you; it (the reading) is giving me the strength to move forward and do exactly what I need to do. Your wisdom was indeed…..divine.

  2. Veronica Drake

    AWWW> thank you so much.. I LOVE what I get to do! XOXO

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