Feel like you’re running in circles? Here’s why…

Feel like you’re running in circles? Here’s why…

Every decision you make is filled with LIMITATIONS. Yep.. limitations given to you by your well meaning family, friends and society. And, your brain loves that because it is literally a data bank of what you feed it and it simply references responses from your past that fit your present need… NOT ALWAYS WITH ACCURACY!

In fact, most of the time the solution your brain spits out isn’t helpful it just makes you more confused and lost. Stop for a second right now.. close your eyes and call to mind a current struggle you are experiencing. Now notice what your CONSCIOUS brain is telling you to do. AHH.. you see it.. same old same old.

What I have personally experienced is when I tap into my UNCONSCIOUS part of my brain my intuitive self kicks in and I find the BEST responses to life’s struggles.  Doing that can be a struggle itself. Life is chaotic and stressed and focusing is often an issue.

What worked for me and my crazy spinning brain

Here’s the solution that worked for me and continues to guide me.  Working with my pendulum! Seriously, it takes all the work out of getting past the limitations the brain wants to throw at you and takes you DIRECTLY to the answers.

I will admit when I first heard about the pendulum I thought Ouija board.. BUT.. slow your roll I told myself. Upon further investigation (I am curious by nature) I discovered NOTHING woo woo or evil about the pendulum, or for that matter the Ouija board. It IS your own intuitive energy and the energies around you giving the movement to the pendulum. THAT’S IT!  No evil forces. No dark.

Let’s face it we are living in a time where we need to step out of the box.  The old ways of doing life aren’t always the most successful.  Why not learn a new skill set and maybe, just maybe stop running in circles for the rest of your life.

I know it’s hard to believe that a weighed object on a string can convey your answers.. but it’s true and I’m going to teach you how.

So, I can see your brain turning.. you are probably asking why would I want to work with a pendulum. Well, I am an intuitive, remember, so here’s what I sense. You are dragging your feet on something… you are miserable in your job.. you are in a relationship that you KNOW you need to do something about OR you are looking for the love of your life and you keep attracting losers!  Pick anyone of those or add your own. Working with your INTUITION and a PENDULUM WILL SOLVE ALL THAT AND MORE.. I promise you!

With just a few simple rules and some practice, anyone can start using it and I want to teach you how!

Together we will create a very safe, practical, and effective foundation for you to develop your intuitive skills using a pendulum. Discover how to use your intuition in everyday decision-making and problem solving.

In this step by step how-to class you will learn easy to grasp pendulum techniques.

You do not need a pendulum to be in the class.  This is an instructional class.

I will be LIVE on video teaching you:

  • How to prepare for working with your pendulum
  • How make your own pendulum
  • How to cleanse and charge your pendulum
  • How to raise your vibration to get clear answers
  • How to properly ask your questions


Cost $55  CLICK HERE to register

 Join me LIVE online! Can’t be there LIVE, no worries, it will be recorded!

Tuesday, August 1st at 7pm EST – 8pm EST

You can join via computer or phone.

Once your payment is received you will get an email with call in details.


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