What are your every day mantras

What are your every day mantras

A mantra is a repetitive word, sound or phrase. When I say mantra what does your mind go to. What image, thought or sound do you bring to your awareness?

What are you focusing your thoughts on?

Here is something I want you to think about.. most people, especially women have what I call unconscious mantra’s… “I hate my body”, “I’ll never have enough money”, “This is never going to work”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”. ALERT… These are mantra’s! Negative for sure, but nevertheless, programming you are feeding your mind DAILY!

Take a second and notice the mantra’s you feed yourself. Be honest. Grab your Soul journal and write them out. Pour them ALL out. This may take several days of observation.

Create a new section in your Soul journal and write the opposite of the mantra’s you listed out. You don’t have to get wordy or fancy. Keep it simple. This will become your new mantra!

For example.. “I’m not smart enough to ______”, becomes.. “I can do ______”. Simple, simple, simple. Its re wiring your brain. It’s so simple most people deny it works. I will tell you it absolutely works, and I am living proof.

Break Free

My back story is I was told I wasn’t smart enough to go to college, and that fed my story of “I’m not smart enough”. I believed that story well into my 30’s.

When I woke up I realized that story wasn’t even my story so how could it even be true for me. Think about that. Someone gave you a story and you made it truth. You have ALL the power.

Take it slow. No pressure. Give yourself cues to remind you to shift mantra’s. Attach a sound to a phrase and when you repeat the negative phrase you immediate make the sound. For example. “I’m not smart enough becomes IMMMMMMMMMMM. Be creative! Break the rules. Be YOU!


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