Confessions of a Spiritual Badass…… I even made a list

Confessions of a Spiritual Badass…… I even made a list

I recently got honest with myself and after some probing from a good friend I decide to come out of the spiritual closet. Since 1996, when I had an Angel intervention and my life was spared (literally, thank you Archangels) I have referred to myself as a spiritual person. I was never really sure that definition fit me because….. I have a wicked sense of humor…. I curse way too much, I am obsessed with Dateline and solving TV murders and I have an intense relationship with fine wine.

I do not come from a long line of spiritual guru’s, and no my grandmother didn’t talk to spirits. I believe, KNOW TO MY CORE, Angels talk to all of us, and while I choose to be a conduit for those who can’t hear on their own it doesn’t make me special.

In fact, I hid my gift for a long time for fear of what people would say. I also have developed my intuition to the point of knowing INSTANTLY who people are and what they are running from. Sounds “new age-y”, but I assure you it’s just me being me.

Speaking of “new age-y”, I needed to find myself in this overly crowded “new age-y” world where I felt like I never really fit in. I don’t shrink heads, boil chicken bones, I don’t know astrology or mo

on phases and I don’t understand the mountain top guru’s who can turn off every though in their head!

I just wasn’t feeling the kumbaya thing. The real me is part extrovert and part introvert. I LOVE being around people and they naturally are drawn to me, which is cool, until it’s not. I know my limits and my preference is to be home snuggled up reading about all things spiritual and watching murder shows like Dateline on TV.

I am a direct, tell it like it is woman and I find gossiping boring, and I detest DRAMA of any kind. I DO NOT dig victims at all. No tolerance for it. Maybe because I played one for so long! I truly love life and God and I am a seeker. My need to explore is fueled by my child like curiosity about EVERYTHING!

I started talking at nine months old and have not shut up since, and isn’t it funny I get paid to speak! I am convinced that our PURPOSE is wrapped in our naturalness, but over time the world buries us in “should’s” and “have to’s” and we lose our naturalness.. the pieces of ourselves that God installed at our creation. At least, I know that was true for me!

Here is a list of what I feel makes a spiritual badass
1. Authenticity ( overly used word, but it applies)
2. Confidence
3. Embracing one’s own Purpose
4. Inclusiveness
5. Kindness
6. Loving Intention
7. Willingness to be uncomfortable
8. Acceptance of what IS
9. Comfortableness in one’s own skin
10. A solid belief in something BIGGER than you are
And, MOST IMPORTANTLY have a wicked sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself!

Welcome to the #spiritualbadass movement!


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