What is an aura and what does it mean to me

What is an aura and what does it mean to me

What is an aura?

It is our unique energetic field – our energy made visible by color.  Your aura will tell the trained eye A LOT about what’s going on in your life. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has its own meaning.

What is an aura made of?

It is made of seven layers (just like we have 7 chakras). Like the chakras each layer has its own frequency. Each layer of your aura affect the others and deeply affects your mood, behavior, way of thinking and even your physical health.

What things affect my aura?

Whatever is going on outside of your body – work, relationships, energy in your home, neighborhood, even in the world.

Also – what’s happening in your body as well will affect your aura.. are you sick, losing weight, gaining weigh, not exercising, eating poorly, smoking, excessive use of drugs or alcohol.

Your thoughts are a play a huge role in your energy/aura. Are you negative and pessimistic or is the glass half full?

Your feeling are play a key role. Are you constantly spinning in guilt, shame, anxiety, resentment or do you have sunshine beaming throughout?

It is very possible to absorb other people’s auras. Live with a miserable partner who is constantly arguing.. you can bet that their aura is affecting yours.

It’s important to note our auras can and DO change as our stories change.

Let the Angels guide us to your prominent aura color in this moment and let’s reveal what most needs to shift in your world and how we can do that in a positive safe way.  LEARN MORE  Angel Readings


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  1. Patricia Abell

    Hi Veronica, I live in Queensland Australia,often watch you on Cannelling Erik, how do I book a angel reading with you ,or a numerology reading and what is your fee? Thank you

  2. Veronica Drake

    its all here on my site.. Numerology readings or ANgel readings XOOX

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