How to do an angel card reading step by step

How to do an angel card reading step by step

Working with the angels and your intuition is EASIER than you think when you do a couple of things.. Number 1. get out of your literal mind. Expand your creative mind and be open to whatever is revealed. #2. Be confident.. dont panic if it doesnt come to you instantly.. #3. TRUST the process even if you dont trust you. The process is driven by the angels.

Watch as I give a HIGHLY accurate reading for a woman named michele.

Here is what she posted about my reading using this method..

“Wow Veronica, your reading for me was so true! I have to forgive others and myself and the shame! I was sexually molested at 9 years old and have been carrying that around for over 35 years. I am legally separated for 2 years and working on forgiving myself and my husband. No wonder I have not found the right job where I am happy. I worked the last 2 weeks at a hospital and I was a victim of racial discrimination and left and lodged a complaint and called the Journal News and asked the reporter if he would be willing to write a story about my experience. I am transitioning out of healthcare and going to start volunteering my time with The American Red Cross next Friday as a Blood Donor Ambassador. Wow! This reading is life changing, and I am still learning how to stand up for myself in the face of adversity!!! Thank you so much for the help and guidance!! 💚💚💚💚💚”

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