Life Purpose Readings

Life Purpose Readings

“What is my life’s Purpose?” Every woman feels drawn to ask that question. And, it’s no mystery why… we are wired to seek our purpose!

All of us were born for a very specific purpose and we were given all the gifts and tools we need to find that one purpose.

However, life gets in the way and the search for purpose can get sidelined. The sign is obvious when we stop searching, we experience a very low level of anxiety, because it constantly feels like something is missing.. because it is!

Before you were born, you worked with your angels to coordinate a life purpose/ mission that would ultimately be of service to the Creator, as well as, all humanity. You are a big deal!

Everyone’s underlying mission has the same essence, LOVE. We are all here to teach the element of LOVE. Each one has a unique way of serving and teaching this principle… therein lies your life’s purpose

The specific question you must ask is “how will I share love with the world?” “What path will I use to exhibit this principle?”
What does your Life Purpose involve and include

Fortunately, things you are already experiencing! You purpose is wrapped in your naturalness. What you are naturally drawn to. The very thing(s) that bring joy.

Living your Life’s Purpose is all about feeling invigorated 

How does a Life Purpose reading work?
The hour is centered completely on exploring what you REALLY REALLY want and how it reveals pieces of your life purpose.


Who is a Life Purpose reading for?

If you are..
• Going through transition
• Feeling like something is missing
• Sure you were born for a reason but are struggling to find it
• Waking up spiritually
• Ready to make a BIG life change
• Ready to discover your true calling in this life

How are Life Purpose readings different than Angel Readings?

Angel Readings are open to whatever comes in. As the reader Veronica does a general calling in of your angels to get an overview. While Life Purpose might come into the session it is not the focus.

A Life Purpose Reading is completely focused on discovering your LIFE PURPOSE solely! Veronica has a system she uses along with her highly refined intuition, and of course, the angels to take you step by step into realizing why you are truly here.

How does the process work?

The process is conversational in nature and highly informative. You need do nothing to prepare. Once you secure your session you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details you need. It’s your choice… video conference call or regular phone call. All from the comfort of your own home!

All sessions are on EST time. Your confirmation will have your local time, as well as, EST time.

Start living your Life’s Purpose now!

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