Did you know your problems are serving your life’s purpose?

Did you know your problems are serving your life’s purpose?

Bills, kids, partners, deadlines, careers, health…..

Everyone has problems.. without exception.  When we are born we enter into an agreement with our family of orgin. They keep us safe, clothe us, and teach us their ways to navigate life.

As we grow we begin to assert our independence and step outside the family. We learn there are many ways to see problems. When you enter the spiritual path you learn how to use your problems to grow your SOUL!


Let’s summarize what most people do with problems:

  1. Ignore them. OR TRY TO IGNORE THEM! What they do not realize is not dealing causes way more stress than dealing. Not mention it will make them physically ill.

  3. Solve them.. to the best of their ability with the tools they have from their family of orgin..old belief system that they inherited at a young age, which are most likely outdated and irrelevant.

  5. Lastly, they are ready to step out and see themselves and their lives as extension of the whole. They acknowledge they are a piece of the big picture. Embracing this mindset allows you to transform problems into opportunities.

I have a question for you…

  • How long have you spent trying the first two options?
  • Are you ready for an unconventional approach to why life is the way it is?
  • Are you ready to understand why you experience what you do?
  • Are you ready to finally know your LIFE’S PURPOSE?

Life is all about the SOUL. Some people go their entire lives not getting this point. They personalize everything, and constantly find reason to be offended by life. I’m suggesting instead of being offended you be EDUCATED!

Nothing is coincidental

There are no accidents here on earth – NONE! Your problems are not random. They are not meaningless roadblocks put in place to trip you up, or hold you back. Your life is WORKING just the way it was created to work! I want you to know you can move easier through life when you understand the Purpose of it. Resistance stands between you and acceptance.

Why you resist what is

Most people will say fear, and I’d say that’s partly correct. The real reason is you lack CLARITY. You have no clue what to do, and that’s because you want to know the way through what hasn’t even unfolded.

You are unsure what move to make, or what decision to go with. But, you know you NEED to know before you can do anything.

What if I told you everything in your life has more meaning than meets the eye? Everything isn’t as it appears.

Why people visit intuitive’s

People gotta know. They are willing to trust someone to lead them through their problems and hope for a solution they can live with.  You might say people use intuitive as problem solvers.

As an intuitive, here’s what I KNOW, you have every answer you need in your SOUL. You came into this world with a complete record of who you are. This record contains everything YOU!

While I can see things and know things for you I want to TEACH YOU how to see and know yourself better than anyone, any intuitive, any partner, any friend.. anyone!

Raising the veil between worlds

You’ve heard the saying you are a soul having a human experience. This is completely true.  Before you entered this world you got all the instruction you needed, but the human condition takes over and you lose connection with that world… UNTIL one day you get that one situation, one problem, one person that pushes you beyond your human restraints.. into the spiritual realm.

This is when your Soul steps up and says, “OK, I’m taking over.” With that everything APPEARS to fall apart, when in reality it’s all FINALLY coming together.

I get asked all the time, “what’s my Purpose?” To that I say…. To serve with love. How that unfolds for each person is unique.

Are you her?

Usually around age 40 a woman takes a deep breath and looks at the landscape of her life and sighs, “is this all there is?” What’s really happening is her Soul is coming alive and the rollercoaster ride is about to launch!

This IS a very exciting time – when the Soul wakes up. Although, I admit, it can be scary.  That’s why I am offering to take you and your Soul on a journey to find your true Life’s Purpose – why you were born!

I’ve created Life Purpose readings. These are energy readings that combine my natural ability, your angels, and your Akashic records for the intention of finding out your Life Purpose – why you were born!

This is energy work and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Before we chat I will have you give me your permission to access your Akashic records, as well as, send me your birth date and full name as it appears on your birth certificate. All to help me get into your energy field.

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