Fascinated with the Angelic Realm? You are not alone!

Fascinated with the Angelic Realm?  You are not alone!

Curiosity about Angels has increased over the last couple decades and here’s my theory on that … we have grown so far away from the Creator that our

Angels are appearing more and more to appeal to our Souls in a way like never before. Our Angels KNOW our destiny and they know the crucial role our Souls must play and so they are anxious to wake us humans up at a Soul level!

After all, they were created to guide and help us, so it’s no wonder they are kicking up their presence.

Another theory I have is this…. we are SO BUSY that we can’t hear them. My personal experience over the last several years has been that they are fun loving, whimsical, gentle beings who long for our attention.

Here are some ways you’ll know when that angels are near . . .

  • You sense a warm brush across your face, shoulders, hands, or arms.
  • You feel a brush across your skin.
  • There is a thickening of the air in the room. The room feels full.
  • You catch a whiff of a beautiful lilting fragrance that you can’t quite identify.
  • You feel a deep warmth flow through your chest and your heart tingles.

These are all basic signs that your angels are near and ready to communicate with you.

Right now I am going to share with you 5 ways to ASK YOUR ANGELS FOR HELP:

  1. Say It: Speak your request aloud, either directly to the angels or to God (the results are the same since God and the angels are one).2. Think It: Mentally ask your angels for help. The angels hear your thoughts with unconditional love.

    3. Write It: Pour your heart out to your angels in a letter.

    4. Visualize It: Hold a mental visual image of angels surrounding yourself, your loved ones, your vehicle, or the situation in question.

    5. Affirm It: Say an affirmation of gratitude, thanking the angels for resolving the issue.

Get your Soul Journals ready!  You’ll want to take notes!

If you are like most people you just aren’t sure what to do with this knowledge… This is where I come in!

I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to hear guidance and how to talk back!  I’ll help you set your vibration so that you are on the same frequency with your angels. I’ll also, give you a formal introduction to the ARCHANGELS!

I do all of this and MORE during my 90 minute Conversations with the Angels Class!

This class is a great refresher, as well as, a GREAT introductory class. The learning is nonstop.  As usual, the curriculum was given to me by my Angels in very specific detail.

I invite you to take a minute and LEARN MORE.

Got questions about this class? Simply click reply to this email and our client care team will get back to you with 24 hours!





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