How I eat a donut is how I live life

How I eat a donut is how I live life

Just had a conversation with someone and it was about donuts…BUT, not really, it was about the way l have chosen to think about and live my life. I was telling this person that I only ever eat one small donut. And, to that they responded how do you do that.. just have one! My answer… Because I consciously remind myself of the effects of eating too many donuts.

So as I take a bite out of the mini donut I am mindful to savor it and BE IN THE MOMENT while eating it I’m not doing three other things. I am focusing solely on the donut. I feel the texture. I taste the wonderful chocolate covering. I smell the chocolate-ly scent and so on. I’ve learned to change my thoughts about the donut to support the positive instead of living a life that deprives me of a mini donut.
You are probably scratching your head asking whaaaaaat… Point is it wasn’t until I grew in my spirituality that I could understand the many principles that govern our lives on a day to day basis. For example, I not only eat the donut like that I live life like that.
I am mindful NOT to carry my past with me and to fully be with whatever I am doing in the moment. I no longer allow myself to go into what if’s.

Trust me when I say I had a huge past that I lugged around with me for the first 35 yrs of my life until one I woke up! I realized that if I put all that crap down life got lighter – duh.. right? Sounds simple, but not when it comes to putting it into action.
I bounced from book to book.. class to class..teacher to teacher and I was like a sponge. I took everything in and let go of what I wasn’t ready to use.

The result is a balanced, peaceful life that is filled with less expectation and more acceptance. I no longer live life out of obligation and frustration. I’m truly happy and those closest to me are happier as well.

I am coming to you today to offer you the same opportunity as I had… the chance to wake up and let go of what hurts and keeps you stuck.
You CANNOT do this alone and that is why I created SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP! This is a virtual learning center where there is a class core curriculum every month. I teach using LIVE videos as well as recorded videos. There is a LIVE coaching call every month as well as Q&A days! I am making this VERY simple for you!
Learning includes:

o Life Purpose
o The EGO
o Archetypal Patterns
o Forgiveness – Self and others
o How to heal your heart
o Why you have the relationship you have with money
o Releasing limiting beliefs
o Intuitive development
o Getting unstuck
o Building Self esteem
o How to build and keep healthy relationships
o The law of attraction and how to make it work in your life
o How to connect one on one with your Spirit guides
o Explore the chakra system and learn how to use it intuitively
o How to develop your own intuitive gifts
o How to find and tap into your spirit animal
o How to use numerology in your life
o How to work with oracle cards..including angel cards
o How to work with your own personal energy
o Archetypal patterns
o You energetic connection to money

All you have to do is WANT A BETTER WAY TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!

100% instant money back guarantee within the first 7 days if you don’t love it!
Many Blessings,

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