What bubbles taught me about God

What bubbles taught me about God

I had just come from church and was feeling like I missed something. I was sensing I didn’t feel God like I ought to. Like the Mass said I should. I decided to stop for coffee and sit by the water to commune with God. And, that’s where I happened upon a child blowing bubbles while his dog excitedly tried to capture them.

Like the child and the dog, I too was mesmerized by the colorful bubbles. I’m certain for different reasons, but stilled in awe.  I noticed the dog poke his nose at the bubbles, as if he were trying to capture them.  And, just like that they became a mystery…poof..gone..invisible. At that moment I saw the mystery that is God in those bubbles, as they were floating into space.

God is the ultimate mystery. And, like the bubbles, as soon as we try to define.. capture Him we destroy Him.  He IS the indefinable mystery, and always will be. Try as we might,we cannot label God, or put Him a traditionally labeled box. And, so, it with complete contentment that I leave God undefined and gloriously perfect.

Many Blessings,



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