Is your happiness being held hostage by stress and worry?

Is your happiness being held hostage by stress and worry?


Discover exactly what you are doing to bring on more stress and worry in your life and learn exactly how to manage it so it doesn’t control your life.

Key principles and simple exercises to help you manage stress, have less worry and feel more confident.

If you asked 50 different people what their definition of happiness is you would get 50 very different answers.  No two people will give exactly the same response because everyone person has a different point of reference, community..conditioned beliefs.. personal truths.. priorities.. personal experiences… LIFE LIVED.

A conventional perspective on happiness for some may include, more money… a bigger house… a new job.. We are taught, even if its unconsciously that life is suppose to include more. What we are not taught is that the “more” comes at a great expense sometimes… our personal happiness.


4 Principles are the platform for my personal happiness


Personal happiness is exactly that PERSONAL. There comes a time in every person’s life (some are conscious of it..some are not) when they are ready to redefine their definition of happiness.

One dreary day I was sitting looking out my back window and I found myself smiling. I had no visible reason to smile. It was gray, gloomy, and cold. I had a leaky ceiling from a clogged pipe in my upstairs bathroom, my son wasn’t  speaking to me, to the right of me is a pile of bills that need attention and I had a sinus headache.

In spite of ALL that I was happy. Truly, sincerely happy to my core. Happy for me has to do with 4 principles:

  • Management of stress
  • Freedom from worry
  • Cultivation of peace
  • Expansion of trust

Yes, this is my recipe for happy!  Once you conquer and build on these 4 principles you can’t help but experience happy. I’m not talking story land.. fairytale happy… I’m talking peaceful, settled, tolerant happy.


Are you thinking yourself into a mess?

There is scientific PROOF that what you think creates your stress level and your entire physical reality.

When we are positive, our brains become more ALIVE…more creative, motivated, active, flexible, and productive.. These are NOT just words.. this is a FACT. Research in the field of Neuroscience has shown repeatedly that the brain actually produces different patterns when its feed positivity.


1) Our brains work better in “happy” mode

2) There are actual physical things we can do to make “happier” brains

3) A happy brain creates a happy world. Happiness IS contagious. There is a ripple effect.




There really isn’t much…if anything we can control in this world.. with the exception being our thoughts!

You are the ONLY one who has 100% control over your thoughts

There are a million and one reasons to be stressed out and most times you don’t have to THINK very far to find them.  That’s the key… thinking.. remember, I told you above, the only control you actually have is what and how you think!!

I was always told I think too much.. I over analyze.. I suppose I do, and that hasn’t changed, BUT what has changed is how I think! What I choose to feed my brain has changed.

Thinking is automatic for most of us. We see something and a thought is triggered and off of that trigger a story is born. A story that was conceived a LONG time ago. We could call this a limited belief.

 Break the brain chain!

 A life changing exercise that will lessen the amount of stress YOU are creating daily! 

As magnificent as the brain is it likes to reference what it knows, so that means it will call up same old solutions to new problems.  In some cases that can be ok, but in most cases it just doesn’t make sense.

Think of it this way if I have a problem in 2016, at age 53, that my brain wants me to solve with a belief I was given in 1974. Ummmm.. strange, right? This is the VERY SECOND STRESS IS problem OLD SOLUTION = WORRY = STRESS

In fact that is EXACTLY what is happening for most people. They live what they have been taught. Life on autopilot. Until one day you find yourself so down and depressed that you can’t even call up an old solution. NOTHING.. self paralysis has kicked in. This is actually GREAT news.


Have you ever frozen your brain out?  This IS what you want to do to manage your stress!

What happens at this point is the brain is so confused that its only option is to think a DIFFERENT thought! Its frozen and cant access the old ones… This IS where stress begins to fade away.  Yup, via confusion you have less stress.

Imagine this.. you have an argument with your spouse and instantly you go into a rant and at some point you lose yourself.. you no longer know what point you were defending and suddenly you start calling on old behavior and beliefs to aid you in this battle. You are reeling in a mess of accusations and fear. Saying things that make you sound like your mother/father!  Yikes, you know that voice!

Now picture this… you are in the midst of a very heated conversation and suddenly your brain stops – because you tell it to – and, then you NOTICE you are confused about what to say or do next. This confusion triggers a new part of the brain and within a fair amount of time you are coming from a different place.. a calmer place.. a never experienced place. You can offer up words that soothe instead of words that sting, and instantly stress levels drop!

This can become a very natural way of being. Think of it like this.. when you first learning to drive a car you had to really think about the gas pedal and the brake, how to shift into reverse, even where to insert the keys. Now I’ll bet you never even think about any of that when you get in the car. The same is true for this process of recreating your thoughts.

Want to continue learning how to have less worry and stress, more peace and trust in your life but aren’t sure how to proceed.

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