Tips to help you define your Purpose

How to Clearly Define Real Purpose 

who are youYour purpose is the GPS given to you by your Soul. It is your true guide to what will you’re your life on earth productive and fulfilling. Defining Purpose is done by dropping into yourt heart and asking yourself some powerful questions.  AND.. this is VERY IMPORTANT. YOU MUST LISTEN!

  1. Who are you at your core.

We were all built with a Purpose.  Everyone of us!  Deciding to find it is optional. The first step is knowing who you are without question.  This can best be accomplished by taking your vision statement and off of that listing out your core values. I like to call this …. YOU-OLOGY the study of YOU.

By creating awareness, acceptance and appreciation for who you are you can begin to know how you can best serve others.  Get out your pens and Soul Journals and get ready to find Purpose 

 Identify Your Actions

In “identify your actions,” select action words (verbs) that will be the core of how you live you life. Let your intuition be your guide. DO NOT OVER THINK.  Remember your actions are driven by our values.

Have at least four clean pieces of paper handy. This process required you to be quiet and contemplative, going deep within yourself for the greatest accuracy. In doing so you are giving yourself the gift of discovering what empowers you.

You will see the pattern of your potential. You will need about forty minutes for this process. Doing it all at once is fine, or you can divide the time over two sessions of about 20 minutes each. Make sure you are not distracted during your work periods.

Get out your pen and paper

  1. On the left side of the page list all of the people who have qualities you admire. Write their names, using the checklist below to spur your memory. Take your time and reach back into the past.

The list can include:

  • Family members
  • World leaders, spiritual or political
  • People in the arts and entertainment industry, such as actors, directors, singers, dancers artists, musicians, and composers
  • Biblical figures, people important to your religion
  • Mythical characters, from Greek, Native American, East Indian, African, Egyptian, or other cultures’ myths
  • Anyone you have ever read about, whether real or fictional


  1. Survey your list. Look at each name, starting with the first and working down. On the right side of the paper, record the qualities or traits that you admire about the person. A quality is something that inspires you, such as loyal, intelligent, adventurous, courageous, creative, truthful, and so on.

Go to the next person on the list. If that person shares qualities with the first, simply put a check mark next to that attribute. List any additional traits not found in the first person. As you proceed you will develop a list of qualities, with check marks that indicate when that quality was noted more than once.

Your lists can be as long or as short as you like. However, give yourself enough time to compose an inventory that is as complete as possible. Remember, this process is vital to discovering who you are at your core.


  1. Next revisit your list of qualities. Take out a clean piece of paper. Starting from the top, look at each trait. Spend a few moments contemplating each attribute.


 Ask yourself:

Does reading this word, aloud or to myself, warm my heart, if only for a moment?

How does thinking of these people or being their presence make me feel?

You could think of your heart area as a little lantern that lights up when it encounters certain traits. If that warmth, light, or sense of well-being is present, write that word on this new piece of paper. Repeat this process until you have contemplated each word on your original list. You may find you have transferred all or just a few of them. Quantity is not important. What matters is that you are willing to see what touches your heart. If one or two other traits occur to you as you do this, write them down as well.


  1. Take the new list and place it in front of you. Each trait has significance and meaning to you. That is because you possess the receptor site for it in your heart. Of you didn’t know what each quality meant; it would not have the power to evoke a response from you.

If you see these qualities in others, and if your heart resonates with them, then they exist inside you. If not, you would not be able to see them in others.

  1. Take this list and print it on two three-by-five inch cards. Keep this card with you and look at it often. You possess the qualities you listed. They are part of your nature. You can’t get rid of them no matter what you do.

What do you feel as you read the words you wrote on the list? This can be an emotional moment, as you begin to realize you really do possess these qualities. While you read these words notice that you are describing yourself! You are listing precisely the traits people can or will see in you.

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With Love,


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