It’s time to kick ass and own your potential!

Are you ready to release the Spiritual Badass inside of YOU??

It’s no accident that you found you’re way here.  Your instincts are strong. Your soul is waking up and nudging you to go deeper into your purpose. But, the distractions of the outside world and all the “should’s” in your life are taking over and have suffocated your Soul. You feel like a prisoner in your own life.

Relax.. I got you.

I am a Spiritual Badass who helps women unlock their Divine Purpose in a practical simple way!  I take you on a journey deep within.. Ok, no woo woo here, together we roll up our sleeves and jump into the bullshit that you keep feeding yourself and we identify EXACTLY why you keep producing more of it!

Let’s be honest, we’re all adults here, the life you are living is a DIRECT reflection of the past and current choices you are making. It’s not your parent’s fault… it’s not your ex’s fault.. hell, it’s not even really your fault… whoa.. wait, what??  That’s right. NOT YOUR FAULT!

You are only doing what you know how to do and therefore, you are flying blindly through life and operating on beleifs that are probably  30 years old or MORE!

This is where I come in….  I will show you, with the help of your Angels and Guides, EXACTLY where you need to start the change process in order to live life on YOUR TERMS!

I’m going to make this really SIMPLE – start here CLICK HERE and get your free eBook – 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Divine Purpose. Read it 2 or 3 times and them shoot me an email CLICK HERE and tell me you’re ready to go next level! Simple, right?  Quit bitchin and go do it!


A Spiritual Badass is a woman who wakes up every day intending to kick ass with love and gratitude in her heart.. regardless of what life throws at her. Oh, and she probably cusses and drinks red wine!

Veronica Drake

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Feel like you’re running in circles? Here’s why…

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