It’s time to kick ass and own your potential!

Are you ready to channel and release your INNER BADASS?

It’s no accident that you found you’re way here. Your instincts are strong. Your soul is waking up and nudging you to go deeper into your purpose. But, the distractions of the outside world and all the “should’s” in your life are taking over and have suffocated your Soul. You feel like a prisoner in your own life.


If this is you, see below for ways to work with Veronica!

Making the Spiritual Practical

Private Facebook group

This is a safe space where you are welcomed to share LIFE.. Inspiration.. Motivation and EMPOWERMENT of all who enter is promised.


Kitchen Table Conversations

Where Life Happens

You can almost smell the coffee and feel the warm fuzziness of being at that table.. the table where life happens. Life changes.. kids boo’s are long gone, except maybe yours… the ones that eat at you. The ones that consist of woulda, coulda, shoulda. Homework has turned into life work. Lists have become tiresome. Somehow kitchen table life has gotten away from you. And, that familiar feeling of comfort is gone too.


Angel Reading

Bringing the Light… Love… and Healing into your life with Angel guidance.

During your angel reading, I connect directly to YOUR HIGHER SELF – Spirit Guides and Angels. I channel them in (think of this as tuning into your favorite radio station and hearing the music you love clearly).


Guiding Light

Monthly Energy Forecast

Veronica will offer you her guidance and insight on how to best work with the energies to provide you with learning. You will get a month at a glance of all the universal energies. Each month will be broken down into weekly bite size pieces of insight and guidance.


Numerology Report

Experience the peace of knowing you are on the right path.

Within every person is a blueprint of who they really are.  Your numerology chart gives you full access to this blueprint and shows you exactly how you will behave in certain situations. It also outlines what your strengths are and areas where you are lacking confidence, as well as, what obstacles you will need to overcome while here on earth.


Spiritual Counseling

You are more than your personality and problems.

Spiritual Counseling puts the emphasis on wholeness…the whole person, and holding a space for the client to create an inner balance by integrating all aspects of mind..body..spirit. A Spiritual Counseling session with Veronica involves intuitive guidance and past life exploration in a very conversational atmosphere.


Soul 2 Soul

Feed your soul.

Soul 2 Soul Coaching is a co-creative process that involves Angel guidance, deep intuitive development work, and exercises in free will and choice. Feeding your Soul consistently with the these primary tools will lessen your stress and grow your confidence!


Latest Reviews

Immediately after our session…

Within less than 24 hours after my session with Veronica, some amazingness started to happen. Something shifted and opened up my heart, mind, and connection to Spirit even more.

Nissa Wisuttismarn

She lifts me out of dark places

I’ve had several readings with Veronica. She is truthful, uplifting and so helpful in reaching my soul’s potential. She lifts me out of the dark places in life… Encouraging me to see the positives in life. I recommend her… Totally!

Patti Schultz

I was blown away

Had a reading with Veronica in mid-November and was blown away! She has no idea who I am or my history, background, my profile is private and every bit of information that I was provided was on point. I started my soul journal and…

M. Powell

Relax… I got you

I am a self proclaimed Badass who helps women unlock their Divine Purpose in a practical simple way! I take you on a journey deep within… Ok, no woo woo here, together we roll up our sleeves and jump into the bullshit that you keep feeding yourself and we identify EXACTLY why you keep producing more of it!

Let’s be honest, we’re all adults here, the life you are living is a DIRECT reflection of the past and current choices you are making. It’s not your parent’s fault… it’s not your ex’s fault… hell, it’s not even really your fault… whoa… wait, what?? That’s right. NOT YOUR FAULT!

You are only doing what you know how to do and therefore, you are flying blindly through life and operating on beleifs that are probably 30 years old or MORE!

This is where I come in…. I will show you, with the help of your Angels and Guides, EXACTLY where you need to start the change process in order to live life on YOUR TERMS!

I’m going to make this really SIMPLE – start here CLICK HERE and get your free eBook – 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Divine Purpose. Read it 2 or 3 times and them shoot me an email CLICK HERE and tell me you’re ready to go next level! Simple, right? Quit bitchin and go do it!

Finding your INNER BADASS requires a lot of deep honest work. It also can involve red wine and curse words.

Veronica Drake


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